Who are feminists? Famous feminists

What does a feminist mean? In modern society, this concept is often misunderstood, meaning a woman who does not have a personal life, because, due to the unnecessaryness of the opposite sex, she has become a crude and vulgar "muzhnaenavistnitsey", even an out-and-out insidious bitch. In fact, this opinion is erroneous. We suggest that you debunk the established myths and find out all the inauspicious young ladies who proudly refer to themselves as feminists.

The notion of feminism

Many researchers refer to this term as a social, social and political movement, whose active members seek to grant equal rights and possible freedoms to women on an equal basis with men. First of all, such people do not tolerate any gender discrimination, as well as humiliation of a person because of his racial or religious affiliation, age and status. In a word, they believe that representatives of both sexes can, on the same basis, using the available methods and opportunities, receive education, work, drive a car, run

for president and so on.

who are feminists Based on this, you can answer the exciting question of who such feminists are. These are women who know their own worth, who try to overcome patriarchy and prove that they are no worse than men. They do not aspire to subordinate the will and completely subjugate the representatives of the opposite sex. Although those ladies who profess radical feminism, support any way in the struggle to restore gender equality.

Disadvantaged women

Until the 18th century, girls were not only considered to be representatives of the weaker sex, they were even classed as second-rate people. They had no right to express their own opinion: all decisions for them were first taken by parents, in particular by the father, then by the husband. The woman was not even asked who she wants to link her life with: she did not have time to be born, as the future spouse was already chosen by the older generation of the family. To listen - meant to dishonor all household members, to condemn oneself to condemnation of society and the curse of relatives. Therefore, a little young lady could venture on such a desperate step.

feminists photo Who such feminists, in those days did not know. Men could not even imagine that in a few decades, wives, daughters, sisters and mothers would escape from their wings, striving for independence and independence. So far, the girls did not even have the right to receive education, to dispose of property, to spend money. In their prerogative there was only one "honorable" mission - to please the faithful. They also raised children. But if the husband decided that the kids needed to be flogged, the wife could not even stand up for their protection, so she humbly supported the policy of the head of the family.

The beginning of feminism

The movement originated at the dawn of the 18th century in the USA.The first feminists one day woke up and decided: everything, they are fed up with sexual discrimination."Why do we have to live by the rules invented by men? We are also people and we want to participate fully in the life of society and the state, "the ladies said and rushed into the battle. Their leaders on the gender barricades were Olympia de Guizh and Mary Wollstonecraft, who tirelessly wrote tracts on the status of women and ways to improve it.

what does a feminist mean It is clear that to the equality of these first swallows was still very far away. Even if we open the journals of the 20th century, which appeared already 200 years after the birth of the movement, we can see that the situation has not changed significantly: the feminists have not achieved radical reforms. The photos, published in print, demonstrated fashion novelties of the season, and the articles were full of culinary advice, taught needlework and promoted the methods of satisfying her husband. A pier, a destiny of young ladies - the house, children and dresses. Let this be done, and not put their nose in such important and incomprehensible for the female mind business as business, politics and finance.

The first wave

It's quite easy to characterize it. Who are feminists at the beginning of the 20th century? At that time they were women who actively fought for political equality, the opportunity to participate in elections and nominate their own candidates. They appealed to liberal slogans: all people are equal before the law, they are endowed with the same rights regardless of gender. The young ladies tried to snatch and their piece of pie: they craved power, the opportunity to stand at the helm of the country's economy. Participants of the first wave called themselves suffragettes - people who are eager to get the right to vote.

famous feminists The movement was so powerful and strong that the men very soon could not stand the onslaught. Already in 1920, an amendment was adopted to the American Constitution. It said that sex can not be an obstacle to participation in the political life of the state, and in elections in particular. After that, the ladies calmed down: they achieved what they wanted, and the remaining problems can be solved by women who will be elected to the political echelons of their country's authorities.

The second burst of activity

Despite the temporary calm, the movement has not completely died out. It was smoldering and waiting for its stellar hour to break out with even more fury and force. So it happened: in the 60s of the last century feminists again declared themselves. Photos of public speeches, the texts of the slogans being said were flaunted on every pillar. Women, having achieved political equality, realized that they remain all the same unequal. Oppression now they felt at the family level: the man could resort to physical, moral and sexual violence, and they often could not hamper due to their weaker physical data.

Feminists now demanded protection at the state and legal levels from discrimination in the family. They also vehemently criticized the fact that the destiny of most young ladies is motherhood, treated at the time, as a renunciation of a career and full seclusion in the four walls of the house. They also raised issues such as unequal pay and lack of remuneration for homework. Unfortunately, many of the problems mentioned remained unresolved until today.

The third wave of

It originates in the 90s of the XX century. Representatives of the movement are trying to apply current philosophical ideas to gender studies: women and men - who are they? Feminists are trying to find a fine line between separation on the basis of gender, discussing the issue of roles in the family and society. The discussion is based on the problem of identity. Activists want to find answers to such important questions: "What makes us be a girl or a guy?", "How are the role functions of the sexes constructed and formed?".

modern feminists In the third wave, the movement Riot Grrrl, whose principles "danced" around not only free, but also power-endued women: the strong, talented, self-sufficient, leading and even superior to a man, stood out. It was they who introduced the high heels and aggressive makeup, which until recently were considered a symbol of oppression on the part of the stronger sex. Now these things have become the emblem of independence, lack of complexes, fears and limitations.

What did they achieve?

Feminists fought for their rights, and most of them were defended. Today, women actively participate in the political, economic and social life of the state, they have the right to education, career growth, make decisions on how to raise children and what to spend money on. But what came of it? Is everything so rosy? At first glance, it seems to be yes. But if you dig a little deeper, it can be seen that modern feminists only took on a double burden of duties. Responsibility has increased several times, and free time has proportionally decreased.

first feminists Yes, and men began to look at the young ladies with different eyes. Often women are surprised why at 30 they are lonely, not noticing that their self-sufficiency simply frightens potential cavaliers. Representatives of the stronger sex still want to see in their embrace delicate and defenseless creatures, which you want to cherish and cherish. Therefore, in order to find complete happiness, ladies need to learn to balance on a fine line: between the hardness of character and the feminine nature.

Feminists of our time

Today they are women who try to be financially independent of men, build a career and acquire offspring only when they become financially secure. Such ladies are especially many in show business and politics. Famous feminists are still at the public level advocating for gender equality, while at home trying to be ordinary weak women. For example, the singer Beyonce, the dancer Dita von Teese, the actress Natalie Portman and Angelina Jolie.

the most famous feminists In Russia, feminism is not as developed as in the US and European countries. There is even such an expression: in the West, a woman was freed by a washing machine and contraceptives, in the East she was enslaved by a work book and the Great Patriotic War. And indeed it is. The modern Russian girl has lifted her tender shoulders not only care for the house, but also about the financial provision of the family, the budget, the male behavior. ..

Sociologists say: this is not feminism, but pure water exploitation of labor, slavery. If we fought for equality, then let these same rights and be the same for everyone, along with duties. A man should be a partner in life, not a tyrant or a slacker - the two extremes that ladies are facing so often today.