Tattoo behind the ear - the choice of modern women of fashion and fashion

Fashionable tattoos in invisible places

Many girls want their tattoo to be invisible to outsiders. For this, a tattoo is perfect, for example, behind the ear. For her, usually select a small cute drawings, inscriptions or hieroglyphics. It's no wonder that every day they gain huge popularity among girls. It's incredibly beautiful: lifting a falling strand of hair, you can imagine the eyes of others, for example, a mysterious inscription, a hieroglyph or a picturesque peacock feather. In addition, the magnetism of such "zavlekalochek" on men acts in a truly deadly manner. But the main thing is that such a tattoo will not spoil your image in any way. It's no wonder that stars choose such tattoos. So, they have Adele, Rihanna, Carmen Electra and others.

Convenience of the tattoo behind the ear

an ear tattoo Such a charming trifle is incredibly practical, it fits perfectly into the relief of the female body, does not bother the people around. The tattoo behind the ear suggests different images,

but many can not see at all, since it can only be noticed from the back in case it is not covered with hair. Sometimes people perceive such a drawing as piercing, thereby turning it into a kind of "permanent" decoration. Tiny, graceful tattoos are stuffed mostly by girls, although some young people do not disdain them. Depends only on the desire for self-expression.

Types of tattoo for ear

The owner of such tattoos has no limit to imagination - here all kinds of a tattoo behind the ear flowers, patterns, asterisks, inscriptions. At the same time, some produce such pictures as a spider web, a bat. There may be something more original. Very often the girls are asked to fill the tattoo behind the ear with the image of the feathers of various birds, mostly peacocks, and also bundles of feathers. Fashion for such drawings came to us from the west. They look incredibly beautiful, especially if they were created by a professional master. In addition, birds silhouettes, symbols of the zodiac signs, hieroglyphs, initials, etc., are a success.

Tattoos behind the ear for men

By the way, men have recently begun to stuff such a tattoo, so this is now not the prerogative of girls. Sketches, selected by representatives of the stronger sex, from the women differ. For a man, basically tattoos behind the ear are hieroglyphs, such patterns as skulls, tribal and other "not girlish" pictures. At this place incredibly spectacularly look all sorts of semicircular patterns that seem to repeat the shape of the ear. In this case, the pattern is performed in any technique.

Does it hurt to do the tattoo behind the ear?

The area behind the ear is one of the most susceptible to pain, which any expert in a good tattoo salon will tell you. Therefore, if you decide on a tattoo behind your ear, be prepared for quite unpleasant sensations. But these painful feelings do not have to endure for a long time - work on the volume is small enough, while the real master with it will cope very quickly. In this case, everyone knows that beauty requires sacrifice. So, for such an unusual way to emphasize your own elegance and mystery, you must also endure and pay.

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