The article will tell you how to make a surprise for your girlfriend's birthday

Before you start organizing a celebration, it's worth remembering the important moments of a friend's life over the past year. Perhaps the fulfillment of an old or just born dream and there is an answer to the question of how to make a surprise for a girlfriend's birthday. The main thing is that he should be desired and not contradict its character.

surprise for your girlfriend

If your girlfriend likes experiments and fresh sensations, you will not have any special difficulties in choosing a surprise. A gift certificate for a parachute jump, the organization of a mini flashmob or actions in honor of the birthday girl - here are some win-win options for "extreme gifts".

To prepare a surprise for a girlfriend's birthday with a modest character, not inclined to adventures, you should act prudently. It is important to give her positive emotions, without attracting special attention to others: it can cause her discomfort.

Before deciding what a pleasant surprise for a girlfriend on your birthday you are going to do

, you need to take into account her personal relationship. Not the best surprise is the invitation of a stripper for a happy woman in a marriage. A lonely girlfriend, who has long been unsuccessfully in search of the second half, is unlikely to be pleased with the poster with the wishes to find a prince on a white horse.

"Classic" version of

If you want to be 100% sure that your gift will please the hero of the celebration, you should refer to the "classic" surprises. They are universal and will please everyone.

  • festive atmosphere and hidden gifts. Beautiful design of a cafe or apartment, decorated in the absence of a friend, will be a pleasant surprise for her. You can prepare in advance small gifts for her, which will "accidentally" appear during the evening: congratulations inside the inflatable balls or the unexpected appearance of a courier with flowers;
  • professional photo shoot. A certificate for a photo shoot with makeup and a change of clothes is a fashionable surprise for a girlfriend's birthday today that will delight her;
  • is an exclusive surprise in the workshop or printing house. Thanks to modern technology, your girlfriend can become the owner of a "special" fashion magazine with her photo on the cover, mugs, pillows or bags with an individual motif, made according to your sketch in a single copy. Take care of this for a couple of weeks before the celebration.

surprise girlfriend for the birthday

Alternative surprise

Popular "extreme gifts" include scuba diving, flying on a military fighter, walking on horses or flying in a wind tunnel. From the usual photo shoot you can make a thematic survey, and you can offer a bold nude photography. True, not every extreme surprise for a girlfriend's birthday will be pleasant.

In your power without any extra costs to make a surprise yourself: paint with a T-shirt or jeans, make a life-affirming inscription.

surprise for the girlfriend for the birthday Whatever you choose, the main accent remains the feelings with which you present this gift. After all, what is more important is that we managed to make a person pleasant - they allocated time and money to prepare a surprise for the girlfriend for her birthday.

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