If you have sweaty armpits, what should you do? Experts will tell

If not all were heard of local hyperhidrosis, then with banal sweating during the summer( and this is the same thing), one way or another, everyone knows each other. With the onset of heat, most people begin to sound the alarm: "Armpits sweat, what to do, what to save, is there any universal remedy?"There is no time left for testing the advertising on TV, this delicate problem needs to be solved urgently and, if possible, reliably. very sweaty armpits

First of all, you should find the cause of a strong sweating

. If you have sweaty armpits, you should first understand why this happens, because sweating is a natural process of the body that regulates body temperature and must pass without causing any special discomfort. However, if this is not the case, the reasons can be very different: both vegetovascular dystonia and various hormonal changes( pregnancy and breastfeeding, menopause, thyroid problems and hormonal drugs).Such changes include the period of "transitional age," which is why adolescents strongl

y sweat underarms. sweat underarms what to do

So, are there any means to ensure that this aesthetic discomfort is eliminated?

First of all, I want to recall the first and the main rule. It's personal hygiene. No deodorants and antiperspirants will work on your body if you are too lazy or did not have time to take a morning shower. At the same time I want to note the advantages and effectiveness of the contrast shower, as it is not only a useful hardening procedure, but also an excellent means of fighting hyperhidrosis. Cheap but fantastic tea tree oil can be a salvation for you in the summer when your armpits sweat especially. What to do? You want to look attractive and do not exhale unpleasant smells - pay! The oil is rubbed into the dry skin immediately after the morning shower, and until the evening you are guaranteed to be protected from unpleasant incidents in the form of wet circles on a blouse or shirt. Adherents of traditional medicine also recommend coniferous oils and alcohol tinctures of oak bark, horsetail, birch buds and walnut. Alcohol in these tinctures destroys bacteria in a favorable moist environment for them just when the armpits sweat. why sweat perspire heavily

What to do if folk remedies are powerless, are there any more radical methods?

Of course, there is. Experts have long argued with nature, striving for perfection, and find cardinal ways to correct some aesthetic "shortcomings".Today, beauty salons will offer you expensive and painful, but very reliable methods of fighting hyperhidrosis. They will help you forget about your problem for a period of several months to several years with the help of such procedures as botulinum toxin injections, liposuction and curettage. However, striving for the ideal and daring on them, you should understand that the disadvantage of such an intervention is that you have to lie under the surgeon's knife. Well think, whether it is necessary to do it simply because at you armpits sweat. What should women do if they do not want to make such sacrifices? Maybe not hack from the shoulder? Try to still start your day with a contrasting shower, without disturbing the natural processes taking place in your body, it is possible that this will be quite enough.

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