Names of men's haircuts, fashionable in 2013

Fashionable or unfashionable

Men in the majority do not so cherish their appearance as women( although modern youth, perhaps, can argue with this), and the main haircuts for the stronger sex today are not much different from those that were in the favors of yearsten years ago. The situation is different, except that with styling, since it is fashionable even for young men to style their hair with all sorts of hair products. However, the names of men's haircuts and the technique of their performance remained the same.

names of men "Poluboks"

For example, such a haircut as "half box" was very popular in the 90's. Today, men continue to choose it, because it is universal and suitable for any hair. The hairstyle looks like this: on the sides of the head and on the back of the head, the hair is cut to a length of not more than four centimeters, and on the parietal part the length can reach a maximum of 7-8 cm. The half-box is most often performed with a bang.

"Canadian" and "Polka"

Especially fashionable guys should pay attention to such names of men's haircuts, like "Canadian" and "polka".Thus, the "Canadian" characterizes the volume in the parietal and frontal zones of the head( hair length about 3-5 cm).The vertex, the back of the head and the region of the temples are cut very short. With such a haircut, sharp transitions from long to short are not allowed, everything should look as smooth and natural as possible."Canad" can be done on hair of any density. Haircut "polka" is perfect for those guys who previously wore relatively long hair, because here the length of the bangs and hair on the temples and crown is increased, but the neck is cut short."Polka" assumes her wearing with her hair combed back.

haircuts masculine with patterns

"Box" and "Hedgehog"

For sure, most men of the stronger sex also know the names of men's haircuts, like "boxing" and "hedgehog.""Box" looks almost the same as "poluboks", only shorter. The shortest version of it is done exclusively with the help of a typewriter. Cutting "hedgehog" can be done on almost any hair( the exception is too thin).It is characterized by a smooth transition from very short hair at the back of the head to a slightly elongated bang. With such a haircut, the head often looks like a ball.

"Bob" and "Nagolo"

men As an experiment, you can try to apply to yourself such names of men's haircuts as "bob"( medium-length hair and long, to the eyes, bangs) or "naked"( here everything is clear from the title).The latter enjoys special affection with balding men, since this "haircut" successfully masks those places where the hair does not grow anymore. However, absolutely bald head can give a man some brutality. But one thing, nevertheless, it is worth considering: to get a haircut so, you need to have an ideally correct head shape. Otherwise, there is a risk not to look brutal, but stupid.

Haircuts with patterns

men Increasingly today you can find haircuts for men with patterns. Most of all they are loved by children, teenagers and informal people, because it's so cool when a cobweb or another steep ornament, similar to a tattoo, is shaved on the back of one's neck or temples. Not all masters have mastered the technique of shaving patterns, because this is a painstaking job, and making a mistake means ruining your reputation and mood for the client. Making such men's haircuts, whiskeys or nape very carefully cut out for special stencils using a machine with a special attachment. Particularly skilled craftsmen shave the patterns with a razor.

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