Fashionable long dress with sleeves, with what to wear it? Knitted dress with long sleeves, evening dresses with long sleeves

A long dress with sleeves is a great option for a feminine image, which can look restrained, but at the same time attractive. Doubt? Then read on, and we'll show you fashionable outfits for all occasions.

A long dress with sleeves for every day.

. Cool weather is not a reason to wear only trousers and jeans. A beautiful long dress with sleeves will help you out in different situations. And often the same dress can perform all these functions, depending on what accessories to combine it with.

You can try to create a multi-layered image and experiment with different lengths of things. For example, a knitted cape with a short sleeve or a waistcoat with fur can advantageously supplement the outfit, while making it warmer and more practical for cold weather. long dress with sleeves

A simple, one-color long dress with sleeves must always be decorated with accessories, bright scarves and scarves, flashy necklaces suit perfectly.

If you think that this style is too modest, then you will like models that fit tightly arou

nd the figure, or with intriguing cuts. knitted dress with long sleeves

A nice bonus, which gives a long dress is a visual extension of the legs. In combination with a high heel, you can achieve an amazing effect.

Warm and comfortable

Knitted dress with long sleeves - an indispensable element of clothing for the cold season.

A knee-length dress and more is ideal for an office with a non-strict dress code or as a neat home dress for meeting guests. It can be supplemented with a long necklace and tight dark pantyhose or stockings. evening dress with long sleeves

Knitted dress with long sleeves of unapproved style or rough knitting is perfect for walking in the autumn park. Leggings, boots or high boots and a knitted scarf will suit him.

Another fashionable version for every day is a knitted dress with a wide belt that emphasizes the figure, denim vest, hat and large glasses.

At the party, you can wear a dress with a lush skirt with pleats or, conversely, fitting, emphasizing each bend due to the elasticity of the knitted fabric. Elegant thread, sequins or embroidery with beads can make even a simple silhouette festive.

Special Occasion Dresses

Evening dresses with long sleeves are a combination of femininity and elegance. Especially popular models are the length to the ankle or even with a tail, but there are also shorter versions of the bottom. Sleeves often balance a deep neckline on the back or in the d├ęcolletage, allowing you to emphasize the charms of the figure, but do not look vulgar. This technique is often used by stars, such as Jennifer Lopez in a sumptuous sparkling attire at the Oscar 2012 ceremony. pattern dress with long sleeves

If the solemn event is held indoors, then the length of the sleeve plays only a decorative role. But if you have to be outside for a while, then this dress will be warmer in the cold season, and in the heat your shoulders will be protected from the scorching sun.

Therefore, many brides prefer dresses with a long sleeve for a wedding. It is not only practical, but also adds to the image of gentle modesty and innocence that can touch the heart of every guest of a joyful event and emphasize the importance of the moment.

Dress for 2 hours

Yes, it is possible if you have all the necessary materials and basic sewing skills. long dress with sleeves
This model is better to sew from jersey - a thin knitted fabric with the addition of lycra. Thanks to synthetic impurities, the fabric will fit well even with a very simple cut. Since the dress itself is not fitted, it is better to wear it with a belt. It will be more convenient to work on a typewriter with an overlock, but you can perform this project on a conventional sewing machine, slightly stretching the fabric during sewing.

The pattern of a dress with a long sleeves made of fine jersey is shown in the picture below. long dress with sleeves

The order of work after you have cut the material is as follows:

  1. Complete the shoulder seams.
  2. Sew up your sleeves.
  3. Sweep both halves of the dress.
  4. With one seam, sew a sleeve and a side seam on each side.
  5. Stitch the back of the collar. Then fold it in half with the seam inside and sew to the neck.
  6. Cut sections on sleeves and on the bottom of the dress.

Fashionable dress for all occasions is ready.

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