Candles "Livarol" during pregnancy. Application

Manifestation of infection

With such an unpleasant disease as thrush faced by many women. It is his symptoms that lead a woman to see a gynecologist. At a pregnant woman at the expense of decrease in immunity the thrush arises much more often and demands obligatory treatment. Any fungal disease in bearing a fetus is a real threat to the baby. Future mothers who do not attach particular importance to the thrush and refuse to treat it, crush at risk of intrauterine infections, which can subsequently lead to fetal hypoxia, low body weight, miscarriage, premature birth, untimely passage of amniotic fluid.

Symptoms of

Despite the fact that often this infection, first manifested during pregnancy, a woman does not show any unpleasant symptoms, she still needs treatment. On the advanced stages of thrush, there may be discharge, burning, unpleasant odor and itching. Complication of the disease can threaten spikes, inflammation of the pelvic organs, as well as infertility. candar during pregnancy

The practice of treating

For the treatment of candidiasis in women in the position, most doctors recommend using "Livarol" suppositories during pregnancy. This drug is topical, is issued in the form of suppositories and has the smallest list of side effects for the fetus. In addition, this product has a wide range of antifungal components, so it is very effective against yeast-like fungi, dermatophytes, streptococcal and staphylococcal infections. Applying the drug "Livarol" from the thrush, it is enough to undergo a course of treatment in 3-5 days. Often, pregnant women fear that treatment can harm a child, so both future and nursing mothers should be careful not to undergo a course of treatment without prescribing a doctor. Most often, the drug "Livarol" during pregnancy is prescribed at the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Until 12 weeks, use the drug is not recommended. liverol during pregnancy

Side effects of

Despite all the advantages, the drug "Livarol" during pregnancy has a disadvantage. The most common side effect is called burning in the place of injection of a candle. Sometimes, when using the drug, a woman may feel nauseous and dizzy. At the time of treatment, it is necessary to abandon the sexual life, since the substances of the drug can cause hyperemia of the sexual organ in the partner.

Treatment of

The course of treatment for thrush should be passed to both partners: both women and men. According to statistics, it is men who are most often carriers of infection. Such infection in men occurs without visible signs and is determined only by means of analyzes. Candles "Livarol" during pregnancy are considered the most effective, but the recurrence of the disease is not excluded. If at the time of the appearance of the child did not manage to completely get rid of the fungus, then the doctor should pay special attention to childbirth, especially to the process of passing the baby through the birth canal. It is at this point that fungi can affect the organs of the child.

lavarol from thrush Recommendations

Infection occurs because of the weakening of the immune system of the mother, so during pregnancy it is necessary to saturate the body with vitamins. If the thrush still appeared in the future mother, it is worth remembering that the drug "Llivarol" during pregnancy is the most effective means.

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