Delicious food: pork tenderloin dishes

Pork has a high culinary value, it prepares various snacks and hot dishes. But the most delicious part of the carcass is considered to be a tenderloin, which is in the back of it, in the lumbar region. It is a muscle tissue located above the kidneys. The meat here is the most delicate and delicious. If you consider dishes from pork tenderloin, then you need to say that most of the time it is fried, cutting medallions of small size, less often baked. Extinguishing and cooking is irrational to use, since such meat is quite expensive.

dishes from pork tenderloin

Preparing a delicacy

The secret of cooking is not to overdo the product on fire. Only this way you can get quite soft and juicy meat. It must be said that it is possible to cook a large number of different dishes from pork cuttings. And to use this kind of meat has brought great benefits, you need to prepare it in a special way. The most suitable option is baking in the oven. Before the preparation, a piece of pork is freed from excess fat. Of course, it is

necessary to ensure that the tenderloin is baked completely. Garnish to the prepared dish can serve as fried potatoes, fresh vegetables, pasta or boiled rice. Next, consider some dishes from pork tenderloin in more detail.

Pork tenderloin in batter

Ingredients: two hundred and fifty grams of the main product, two eggs, two tablespoons of milk, one third of a glass of flour, two tablespoons of sesame, one spoon of vegetable oil, salt and spices.

Begin to prepare

Cut the cut into thin strips and lightly beat, then pepper and salt. The meat is fried in oil. Next, cook the claret. To do this, whiskers are whipped into a foam, and yolks are ground with salt, milk, vegetable oil and sesame are added. The mixture is combined with proteins and gently mixed. Cut the duck into the batter and fry. Serve the ready-made dish with boiled rice and vegetables.

tenderloin pork in the oven

Pastrama( Jewish dishes from pork tenderloin)

Ingredients: seven hundred grams of tenderloin, three tablespoons of salt, half a spoonful of hot pepper, half a spoonful of coriander, three cloves of garlic, half a spoonful of hops, half a spoonful of vinegar, two tablespoons of oilolive, half a spoonful of dry dill.

Begin to prepare

Salt is dissolved in a liter of water and put in a liquid tenderloin for three hours, then it is taken out and dried. In the meantime, prepare a marinade. To do this, squeeze out the garlic, add coriander, dill, hops-suneli and pepper, as well as vinegar and oil. Using a spoon, grind all the ingredients to produce a homogeneous paste. This paste rubs the tenderloin and spread it on foil, wrapped and put on a baking tray. Pork tenderloin in the oven should be baked for twenty minutes, after which the oven is turned off, and the meat remains in it to languish. The finished dish is unfolded and cut into small pieces. As a side dish, you can serve potatoes and cherry tomatoes.

what to cook from pork tenderloin

Pork loin

Ingredients: one carrot, fifty grams of bacon, one hundred grams of prunes, two hundred grams of pork tenderloin, one clove of garlic, bay leaf, one bunch of parsley, one spoonful of sugar, one spoonful of lemon juice, butter and mustard, salt.

Begin to cook

Such dishes from pork tenderloin, like this, are unusually tasty. First you need to fight off the meat, spread it with mustard and sprinkle with juice. On top of him lay the sliced ‚Äč‚Äčingredients: fat, carrots and garlic, as well as parsley and bay leaves. Meat is rolled up with a roll, fixed with toothpicks and fried from all sides on a small fire, and then put in the oven for ten minutes. In the remaining oil fry prunes with sugar and spread on a plate along with pieces of the finished roll. Sprinkle with herbs on top.

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