The recipe for pea puree. Advice

Peas, if you believe dieticians, is extremely useful - it is nourishing, contains many useful trace elements. In addition, it is a valuable source of protein, necessary for vegetarians or those who fast. In the end, it's delicious, if, of course, know how to cook pea puree or soup. There are small subtleties, meaning that it is almost impossible to spoil this dish. There is not one recipe for pea puree, consider the most popular. And start with the simple.

recipe for pea puree

Simple recipe for pea puree

To make the vegetable cook faster, it can( and even need) soak for several hours or even overnight. After that it is poured with water - into two glasses of legumes 6-7 glasses of water - and placed on the stove. As it boils, remove the white foam( this will have to be done several more times) and lower the fire to medium. Cover the pan with a lid. When the peas are boiled, season with salt and add butter. For a more uniform consistency, you can whip it with a blender while hot. Meanwhile, in a frying pan

fry in finely chopped onion until cooked and add to the pea puree. To use hot! how to cook pea puree

Pea puree recipe with sauce

Put the vegetable to boil, as in the first recipe. Now let's tackle the gravy, to do this, in vegetable oil, fry the onions cut into semicircles until transparent. You fried? Add the peeled and diced tomatoes, you can replace them with a paste paste. Add a little bit of water, stew for about 5-10 minutes, then the Bulgarian pepper, which has been diced, is sent to the frying pan, for another ten minutes, stirring, stirring. If necessary, add more water. You can pour a couple of spoonfuls of red wine to taste - alcohol will evaporate, but the taste will remain. At the end, add salt, pepper and add your favorite spices. Serve pea puree, watering it with gravy. how to cook pea puree

Another recipe for pea puree

If for some reason you do not like peas in a "solo" dish or you think that it's not satisfying enough, here's another option. We put the vegetable to cook according to the already known scheme, we clean a couple of potatoes, cut them into cubes. Carrots are also cleaned and three on a medium grater, the brushed bulb is cut into small cubes. When the peas are half welded, throw the carrot to it, five minutes after it boils - onions, five more minutes they have left - potatoes. Cook everything until soft, salt. You can whip the resulting mass with a blender or mash with a tolstalk.

How to cook pea puree correctly

First, a dish of salt only at the end of cooking, when the vegetable is almost boiled. Secondly, if you add vegetable oil during cooking, it will be more delicious. Thirdly, kneading or whipping with a blender requires only hot mashed potatoes, otherwise lumps will turn out. In addition, before you soak or boil the peas( if you pass the soaking phase), it must be rinsed. And if you do not have a Teflon saucepan, stir the mashed potatoes during cooking, otherwise it can stick to the bottom of the dishes.


Knowing all these small but important secrets, you can easily cook a delicious pea puree, or maybe you invent your own recipe. And the last: peas are heavy food, so try not to eat it before going to bed.

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