Games and contests for corporate

Corporate parties are usually noisy gatherings with dances and a feast. However, this event can be very diverse, if you plan its scenario in advance. Often a certain person is responsible for this. And if this time the role of the facilitator is entrusted to you, then the competitions for the corporate will have to be selected according to several principles.

Basic principles of the selection of competitions

It must be remembered that first of all the program should be made depending on the age, sex, cultural level of the invited and their interests. The fact that in one company will be held on "hurray", another team can, to put it mildly, do not understand. It is necessary to take into account the number of people attending the event. Further important point is the venue of the party. Contests on corporate parties are selected and depending on the overall intellectual level. After all, for teachers will be interested in some games, and doctors are interested in others. Winners of the co

mpetition should prepare small prizes, you can make them inexpensive, symbolic.

Competitions at the

corporate contests

table There are fun contests for the corporate that are held directly at the table. They are usually organized at the beginning of the event, in order to "warm up" those present. For example, riddles about employees who are at a party. It's better if they treat not to the person himself, but to his office. In addition, it is possible to hold a competition for the most hilarious event, concerning the professional activity of employees. Usually, the following task is quite interesting. In the hands of the presenter should hold a book, the cover of which is wrapped. Guests of the event are announced that this printed edition is simply necessary for each of them. The winner is the one who first guesses the name "Kamasutra."This contest is successfully held in almost any company.

Team contests

competitions on corporations

Dividing those present in two or more groups, you can conduct competitive games. Usually, it is recommended to do such contests for the corporate in the middle of the event, when the table is already getting bored. In addition, such tasks help to unite the collective, causing the audience to have excitement. For example, the game "Crocodile" is quite popular. One of the teams guesses a word( a phrase from a song, a movie, a proverb, etc.) and shows it pantomime, without the use of speech tools. Other players must guess with three attempts what their opponents had in mind. For each match, there is a score. After this, the teams change roles. Selecting competitions for the corporate, you should pay attention to the following task. A fun and noisy game takes place to create a sculpture of balloons. It can be a female figure, a fairy-tale hero, etc. Participants use scotch and balls of various shapes and sizes.

Paired competitions

merry competitions for corporate

If there are not too many present, or not everyone wants to participate for some reason, the division into teams is not very advisable. But the success will be paired contests for the corporate. For them, volunteers are called. It can be "Dancing on an ice floe"( a couple dancing on a folded newspaper), a competition between men for the best compliment to a girl, etc.

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