A popular remedy for bedbugs and modern analogues

As ectoparasites of animals and humans, some types of bedbugs choose exclusively blood in Folk remedy for bedbugs as their extraction. So, the main and most common kind of them are bed bugs, which actively hunt both humans and animals.

Danger of

There is a small chance that a bed bug will carry diseases such as tuberculosis, smallpox, hepatitis B, Siberian ulcers and others. However, there is a much greater chance of causing an allergic reaction, skin rash, or trauma to the psyche in some people. Whatever it was, these insects are not indicative of good indoor conditions, and one means of combating the bedbugs of the several below will help get rid of them.

Popular folk remedies against bugs

You should immediately take into account that any folk remedy for bedbugs will help only locally - you can clean an armchair, sofa, wardrobe, etc., and to remove insects from the apartment you will need a complex solution, a lot of time andlabor or treatment with harmful chemicals. Means to combat bugs

Vacuum cleaner

Powerful vacuum cleaner - one of the effective tools against bedbugs. It is necessary to walk through them in all corners and cracks in the room, thereby sucking insects and their eggs in the dust collector. However, often bugs can hide in places where the vacuum cleaner can not reach, so you can use another folk remedy for bedbugs.


Freezing rooms will destroy insects, as they are afraid of low temperatures. Unfortunately, in the warm season it is not feasible without freezing equipment, but if you open the windows in the winter and wait a few hours, then the insects will die out.


If bedbugs are hit by small items, in particular clothes, shoes, toys, bags, etc., then this excuse is another wonderful folk remedy for bedbugs - drying at a temperature of 50 degrees for 20 minutes in the sun orin the greenhouse. Washing at the same temperature is also a good tool.


In addition, the places and objects that inhabit bugs can be treated with one of the solutions:

  • Turpentine( 10 ml), water( 100 ml), kerosene( 15 ml), green soap( 30 g).
  • Denature( 150 ml), naphthalene( 5 g).
  • Phenol( 20 g), turpentine( 40 ml), salicylic acid( 3 g).
  • Ethyl alcohol( 100 ml), turpentine( 100 ml), camphor( 5 g).

Modern means against bugs

Use of dry heat to heat the entire room to 48 or higher degrees. It should be heated about 7 hours, Means against bedbugs pr and this flammable items and substances must be taken out.

Special tools

Processing of objects and the whole room with special chemical compounds is the most correct solution. No folk remedy for bedbugs is more effective than using special poisons from such insects. Today in the market you can find many such drugs, designed to fight not only with bedbugs. The main thing is, after the treatment of the room, it is necessary to carry out a wet cleaning, so that the remedy does not become the cause of allergic reactions and diseases of people.


For larger rooms, it is recommended to call a team of pest controllers who, with the help of equipment and chemicals, will destroy bugs. However, after such cleaning, it is necessary to ventilate the room for at least 24 hours.