When does the baby begin to move in the womb?

When does the baby begin to move? the child is actively stirring

You are waiting for the baby. .. Magic time, full of anxieties and joys, discoveries and worries. And, of course, every mom is endlessly asking a million questions, afraid of missing something or doing something wrong. So, probably, most often future mothers ask the question: "When does the baby begin to move?".Obstetrics gives him a very clear answer: the wiggling of the fetus during the first pregnancy begins to be felt at the 20th week, in subsequent pregnancies - two or three weeks earlier. However, many mothers say that they began to feel the baby's tremors much earlier. But most often they take what they want for reality, and the tremors they feel are the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. Of course, the timing may vary slightly - it depends on the activity of the fetus, the thickness of the abdominal wall, the sensitivity of the mother. when the baby starts to move

The first "movers"

In general, if we talk about when the child starts to move, and not about wh

en it felt like a future mother, the timing is completely different. The fact is that the fetus starts to move in the womb even at the 8th week: it tries to move the handles-legs, later it sucks a finger and twists its head, for example, from loud sounds. Knowing this, some women are waiting for the movements before the due date. And many even feel them! No one has been able to confirm or deny this, therefore, it is generally accepted that before the universally recognized 17-20th week of the fetal movement is not felt. Sometimes my mother starts to feel jerks a little later - at the 23rd week, and this is the norm.

What does it look like?

The first tremors of a child are sometimes difficult to notice - so they are quiet and similar to the usual activity of the mother's body. Someone compares the impacts of the fruit with the wings of the butterfly's wings, someone - with gurgling, for some it's stroking or tickling, or even a "chain of bubbles."But every mother knows - this moment is unique and unforgettable! By the way, the day of the first movements of the child is better remembered - it will be useful for doctors to more accurately determine the period of pregnancy. how much should the baby move

A lot of

questions If with the question: "When does the baby start moving?"everything is more or less clear, then the pregnant woman starts inventing herself others, despite the fact that information about pregnancy in our time is widespread and generally available. For example, they often ask: how much should the child move? On average, there must be at least 10 episodes a day, some have fewer, some more. The reason for an urgent visit to the doctor may be the following: the baby moves very seldom( after 28 weeks), does not move more than 12 hours in a row, is too active for several hours in any position of the mother.

Activity is the norm

As a rule, the child actively moves from 20 to 36 weeks, later he already assumes a position in which he will stay until the birth. At this time he is quite large, he has little room for "jumping", so the character of the movements changes - instead of somersaults and coups, quite strong kicks and jerks. Many mothers complain that the baby deliberately rests his legs in the hypochondrium, as if stretching. At this time of pregnancy, you can already see how the child inside the mom turns, you can even notice where he rested his head, where the back, and where - the heel. Let the waiting time for the baby become one of the happiest episodes in your life!