Vanilla essence. Can it be cooked at home?

Who does not know the exquisite taste and aroma of vanilla rolls? Vanilla essence gives a special refinement and a delicate sweetish smell of baking. Pods of this spice are used in the preparation of confectionery, ice cream, cocktails, creams for cake and puddings. In addition, vanilla essence is used not only in cooking, but also in perfumery, and is also widely used for the aromatization of premises.

What is vanilla?

Vanilla is a curly plant of the orchid family. Vanilla sticks( pods of this plant) usually reach 10-20 cm in length and have a twisted form. It is the length of the pod that determines the quality of the spice. There are several varieties of this spice. Among them, the best are the following: Mexican vanilla - the length of its pods reaches 25 cm, slightly smaller in size Ceylon and Bourbon sort.

vanilla essence

Vanilla sugar

This is normal granulated sugar or powder with vanilla flavor. To impart such a flavor to the sugar container, a vanilla pod is placed for a whil

e, carefully closed and left for a period of at least a week. During this time, the sugar is impregnated with a vanilla scent, after which the pods are removed.

Vanilla extract

It is a concentrate of vanilla, which is obtained by soaking vanilla sticks in alcohol. Alcoholic tincture of vanilla pods is used mainly for the preparation of cold desserts, since it does not tolerate the influence of high temperatures.

Vanilla essence

This is a kind of highly concentrated vanilla extract. It, like any other food essence, is used for baking and preparing many desserts. When it is produced, various synthetic components are added, so it is much cheaper than a natural vanilla extract.

Vanilla powder

It can be used for baking, as this is the only product from natural vanilla, which can transfer heat treatment without losses. Vanilla powder is added to the dough for biscuits, cookies and cakes. It is made by completely drying and then chopping the vanilla pods.

Homemade preparation of vanilla extract

food essence Unfortunately, in our time not all food producers can be trusted. The market is full of different kinds of seasonings. If you do not want to buy a fake of synthetic substances instead of a natural vanilla extract, prepare this spice yourself. To do this you will need alcohol and vanilla pods. For 120 ml of alcohol you need to take 4-5 vanilla sticks. Then put in a glass bottle cut along the pods and pour alcohol. Close the bottle tightly. Insists on vanilla essence for about a month in a dark place. After that, it can be used for several years, as it is stored for a very long time in the refrigerator.

Useful advices for

vanilla essence than to replace Often, a vanilla essence is required for cooking a dish. How to replace this seasoning, if it is not at hand? You can save your culinary masterpiece, for example, adding vanilla sugar or powder to baking. To replace 25 g of essence, take 2 g of vanilla powder or 40 g of vanilla sugar. You can also use liqueur or brandy for this purpose.

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