Spanish cuisine: fish

All culinary specialists of the world believe that the fish has many unique qualities. For example, her meat tastes pretty sweet, like shrimp meat or crabs, tender in consistency, without a characteristic fishy smell. Macrus is considered to be low-fat and low-protein, so it is especially appreciated in dietary nutrition( especially for the liver of fish).In addition, it contains a large number of different natural active additives( it includes most of the table of Mindeleev).But not everyone knows how to cook a fish of the Makurus, in order to preserve all the useful nutritional properties in it. Today we will talk about this.


Some details of the preparation of the makrukus

It must be said that this fish is suitable for many methods of heat treatment, characteristic for all species of white fish. But still bake and fry the gourmet is rather difficult, because its meat is very tender and can simply fade in a frying pan. Most cooks prefer traditional methods of cooking. Also, it should

be noted that the unfinished fish in the texture will look like a jellyfish, and if it is cooked for a long time, it will spread and become a tasteless gallet. It is unlikely that someone like this "delicacy".In fact, very delicious fish Makurus, the recipes of which are offered below.

Fish marinated

Ingredients: six hundred grams of gourmet, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, three spoons of flour, three cloves of garlic, one glass of vinegar( 3%), one bay leaf, four black peppercorns, half a glass of horseradish, granulated sugar, salt.

Preparation process

The salted and chopped fish are salted, then fried, pre-wrapped in flour, and cooled. In the dishes pour vinegar, add to it the garlic, sugar and spices, grown up with salt, bring to a boil, cool. The fish is macrorefilled with the prepared sauce and put in a cold place for one day. The dish is served with pickled vegetables, served separately with horseradish.

how to cook a fish

Salad with macro turkey.

Ingredients: four hundred grams of fish, two boiled potatoes, a bunch of parsley, one onion, two hundred grams of sauerkraut, four tablespoons of vegetable oil, one spoonful of grape vinegar, salt and spices.

Preparation process

The macrourus fillet is boiled for fifteen minutes, cooled and cut into small strips. Potatoes are cut into strips, parsley finely shred, onions cut into half rings. All the prepared ingredients are mixed in a salad bowl, cabbage, oil and vinegar are added, seasoned with salt, seasoned with spices, mixed and served.

fish makrorous recipes

Fish Macrourus in batter

Ingredients: large fish fillets, lemon juice, one egg, two tablespoons of sour cream, two spoons of flour, salt and spices for fish, breadcrumbs, one hundred grams of vegetable oil.

Preparation process

Cut the fillet into pieces and sprinkle with juice. In a separate bowl, mix the egg, sour cream, flour, salt and spices. Fish Makurus dipped in batter and in breadcrumbs, and then laid out on the pan heated with oil( there should be a lot of oil).It is fried on both sides for several minutes on a slow fire.