Cleaning suede at home without labor

suede at home Everyone knows that suede garments, whether clothes, accessories or shoes, are very impractical in our climate. Suede products are constantly getting dirty, and the effects of dust and water very quickly spoil the external appeal of things. Therefore, for suede need to carefully take care of, regularly clean and apply moisture repellent. Cleaning suede at home requires special care, so during this procedure you need to be careful and pay attention to all the nuances.

Suede products tools

Shoe shops and supermarkets supplement their range daily and offer customers a variety of specialized tools that will make cleaning suede at home much easier, more convenient and effective. Having bought a spray or a cream for suede, do not rush to immediately apply it to shoes or a bag. You do not know how the thing will react to it. In order not to spoil the product and clean the suede at home, it is first necessary to try the purchased product on a small piece of material. If you are going to handle

clothes, then this may be a piece of inner suede pocket or the inside of the sleeve. In the case of shoes, you can try out the suitability on the inner underside. These places are almost invisible when worn, so even if the cleaning result is unsuccessful, the thing will remain usable. If the purchased product has passed all the checks, then you can safely apply it to the entire surface.

Cleaning suede from greasy stains

Greasy stains with suede things are removed with gasoline. To do this, moisten a small piece of coarse material in a solution of gasoline and wipe the stain. Blurred areas should be treated with a special solution. Here is a recipe:

  1. Soap solution.
  2. ¼ cup of ammonia and ¾ cup of water.

After using the prepared solution, rinse the product thoroughly and soak it with a dry, clean cloth.

Cleaning the suede at home with a steam

shoe shoe from suede Steam alone can not clean a contaminated product. Rather, it has an auxiliary effect. Steam can help you when removing complex spots from suede boots or jackets.
For this, it is not necessary to purchase specialized equipment - a steam generator, it will be enough to hold the object above the steam, for example over a boiling kettle or pan for about 2-3 minutes, and after cleaning the thing. In addition, the steam can be used in cases where the suede has lost its appeal, only after such a procedure it is necessary to use brushes with a metal bristle. Suede cleaning at home light colors is also done using steam.

Cleaning of artifical suede products

clean suede at home Things made of artificial material are much faster spoiled and cease to be attractive. And care for them is more difficult than for natural suede. Therefore, cleaning shoes from suede does not work when using the above methods. Clean such things with a soap solution and a brush. After you should carefully rinse the thing and leave to dry. Do not twist the product. Leaking water can be removed with a towel or sheets to absorb moisture. If you do not do this, there will be traces of stains on things.