Funny contests for Shrovetide

The traditional Slavic holiday Maslenitsa is always celebrated very cheerfully and on a grand scale. It marks the arrival of spring. The main attribute of the holiday is the pancakes, personifying the warm sun. During the festivities fun games and contests for Shrovetide are held. The festive evening ends with a farewell to the winter and burning of the scarecrow.

Maslenitsu contests

competitions for carnival toboggan races Participants are divided into pairs. One person sits in a sleigh, and another carries them for a rope. The task of each team is to pass the rest of the race faster than the others, traveling around all obstacles encountered on the road. It is necessary to try not to bring down the flags and other markings. Having passed the distance in one direction, the participants change roles and travel in the opposite direction.


Folk games for children on Shrove Tuesday are always very fun and fun. For the next competition, you need two large sheets of paper and the same number

of markers. Children are divided into two teams. Circles are drawn on paper sheets. The competition is held on time. In turn, each team member runs up to the sheet and draws one ray to the circle. Then he hands the marker to the next one. The team that depicts more rays in the allotted time wins.


This ancient game should definitely be included in the Shrovetide contests. All participants are broken up into pairs and, holding hands, become one after another. Should be a kind of corridor. Hands of the participants of the game are high up. The player who does not get a pair goes through the "corridor", chooses a companion, and together they become the end of the so-called "stream".The one who is left without a pair is looking for her again. This game is quite interesting and romantic.

folk games for children Piglet with potatoes

Contests for Shrovetide are mostly held in teams. The same can be said about the next game. Participants of two teams are armed with ordinary spoons. Next to them is an empty bowl, and a little further - a pot of iron and potatoes. The task of the participants: in turn take a spoon to one of the plates with a spoon. The winner is the team that will be able to quickly cope with the task.

Competitions with the broom

Many games for Shrovetide for children are conducted using this simple tool. You can arrange a contest for throwing brooms. The winner will be the strongest and agile. You can arrange a chain of pins and invite the participants of the game to run, sitting on a broomstick, snake, without knocking down the markup. In this contest the fastest participant will win.

carnival games for children Snowballs

In the street, you can arrange a contest for throwing. Children or adults are divided into teams. At some distance from them are empty buckets, and next - snowballs. The task of the competitors is to get into the tank. Whoever throws more snowballs into the bucket will be considered the winner.

Running in pairs

Participants in the game must form 2 teams and each to share two people. Partners bind their feet with a rope( the right one person from the left of the other).In this form, each pair of teams must take turns to reach the marked place, turn around and go back. Which group will quickly cope with the task, that will be considered the winner.

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