How to play a friend. Practical Benefit

how to play parents on April 1 Best friends, as a rule, suffer the most from mutual rallies. The longer you know, the more you know how serious and strong joke can be, if a friend has enough sense of humor to have fun with you. If a friend reacts badly to rallies, he takes offense, then it's better not to take risks, but just congratulate you on the phone with a holiday.

How to play a friend?

If you still decided to spend the first of April, joking fun, then try to consider the main ways how to play a friend.


Mobile phone opens truly limitless spaces for the drawings. So, you can send a funny joke to a friend from an unknown number: "U. subscriber, from your account was charged the amount of 60 rubles for charging the phone in the wrong place.""Pay 800 rubles on the account for using the service" Sex on the phone. "The options are weighty. It depends only on your ingenuity and imagination. For example, if you can change your voice, you can act as a parodist, introduce yourself as a boss and call a friend f

or an emergency meeting at 7morning or ask to come to work in a carnival costume in honor of the holiday. The main thing is to show imagination

how to play a friend Office drawings

The number of options for how to play a friend is significantly increased when you are colleagues. If your friend usesI can use a laser mouse to seal a laser with a scotch, in which case the friend will spend a long time using the manipulator until he understands what is the matter. Another option is to make the printscreen of the desktop on the computer and set it as a screen saver. In this case all the icons and buttons on theThe screen remains in its original places, but it is not pressed. This situation can for a long time make a confusion in the working mood, and in some cases even end up with a call of technical support staff. A classic draw is also the replacement of buttons on the keyboard - for this it is only necessary to come a little early, untwist the keyboard, change a few buttons in places and watch the bewildered colleague. Another universal way from the series "How to play a friend" - to cover the soap in the toilet with a colorless varnish. By the way, this is a great way to make the whole office happy with the drawing - how many soap does not wash soap, there will not be foam. If your office is large enough and equipped with the same furniture, then a different joke will be the reversal of the individual tables. It only remains to wait for someone to see the first of his colleagues in the box.

how to play a girlfriend on April 1 House drawings

Drawings of relatives should be more harmless and easy. After all, parents are often elderly people, and the girl / boyfriend is more inclined to resentment than colleagues and just friends. So, how to play parents on April 1?We suggest that you look in the refrigerator the night before and glue your eyes on the products. On eggs, they can even be painted. And now imagine how a sleepy daddy, preparing to fry an egg, looks in the refrigerator, and then a dozen surprised eggs look at him.

Raffles of your favorite

If you do not know how to play a girlfriend on April 1, then we can offer the following option - fill the tube of toothpaste with mayonnaise. They look the same, but the girlfriend will surely guess, and a cheerful morning will be provided. Be nice and harmless, and then in return you will get a good mood and a kind smile of your beloved.

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