The recipe for gingerbread from our grandmothers

Today we are so spoiled with all sorts of cheesecakes, tiramisu, croissants, muffins and other pastries borrowed abroad, which is almost impossible to surprise us. Of course, all these desserts are delicious and exquisite, but they gradually begin to get bored. Having tried a lot of such "tricky" sweets, we begin to want something simple, homely, something from childhood. Let's cook one of these "grandmother's" delicacies in the old Russian traditions. In this article, we will recall the recipe for mushrooms, and not just one.


The culinary heritage of the ancestors

This pastry is baked from a gingerbread dough. Two halves of the cake are fastened together with some sweet stuffing. Traditionally it is jam or jam, but there can be another filler( honey, boiled condensed milk).Usually, the carpet is large enough. Sometimes the width and length of the product reaches a meter and more, and the height reaches 10 centimeters. On top of the baking pour glaze, sprinkle with nuts or come up

with another decoration( it's really a matter of fantasy).It is difficult to single out a single recipe for mushrooms, since in different cities each hostess had her own way of cooking. Therefore, we will choose several interesting variants of baking this sweetness using various components.

Recipe # 1.Easy

The first, the most simple recipe - "Carpet on kefir".In a deep bowl, mix a glass of kefir and sugar, manga, add a spoonful of baking powder and half a teaspoon of salt, an egg. Next, put any additives and spices to your taste. It can be dried fruits, nuts, pieces of chocolate, berries, cinnamon, vanillin, cardamom and others. Then everything is very simple: pour the dough into a mold, greased with butter, and put in a preheated to 180 degrees oven for half an hour. Baking should get a beautiful ruddy-golden color. Take it out and cool it. You can serve just like that or glaze with chocolate glaze.

kefir on kefir

Recipe # 2.Fragrant

The second recipe for mildew will be different using flour and milk( instead of manga and yogurt), as well as fragrant additives. The following components are needed: half a kilogram of flour, 200 grams of honey and sugar, 2 yolks, 4 large spoonfuls of milk, 2 small spoons of baking powder, cognac spoon( rum), vanillin, cinnamon, lemon peel to taste, crushed ginger, raisins and nuts. Of all these ingredients, knead the dough and cover it with a dry towel. Allow it to stand for 24 hours, and then cook as described in the first method.

The carpet is good both on holiday and in post

These recipes are quite different, but in both cases a Russian national confectionery is produced, which was so loved by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. By the way, in a post this delicacy too ate. But they cooked it according to a special recipe. How to bake a carpet using only vegetative components? It is prepared on compote.

how to bake a carpet

Recipe # 3.Postal

For this recipe you will need: 100 grams of sugar, a glass of compote and 2 glasses of flour, half a glass of sunflower oil, dried apricots and raisins, a spoon of honey, a teaspoon of starch and vinegar, a little salt. First sugar pour hot compote, then add to it honey, cut dried fruits, pour in the oil and mix. Pour the rest of the ingredients. The dough should be thick enough. Before you put it in a mold, greased with vegetable oil, add the vinegar. Further we cook the same way as the first recipe.

And what do you like to eat?

As you can see, one and the same product can be prepared in various ways. Try each of them and choose your favorite mild recipe. Its furnace is quite simple and not for long. This sweetness is good as with tea and coffee, and with milk, and especially with yogurt. Eat with pleasure and treat your friends, tired of foreign desserts.

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