Sea hare - the fish are nutritious and tasty. Excellent cooking recipes

Sea hare - the fish is delicious and healthy. It contains a large amount of easily digestible protein, vitamins A, E and D, macro- and microelements, as well as fatty acids, which makes the dishes very nutritious. The main thing is to choose the right semi-finished product. The sea hare is a fish, it is sold frozen in our country. And it is recommended to buy a whole carcass, and not fillets. Her eyes should be transparent and shiny, and the gills - closed and have a red color. Cutting the carcass will not take long. Now you can start cooking.

Fish "The Hare".Recipe with tomatoes

sea ​​hare fish

To prepare a dish, you need to make fillets and cut them into pieces for a hundred grams. Put the cooked rice as usual for a side dish. Cut four tomatoes with medium cubes, put in a deep saucepan. Put out a little of them under the lid on a small fire. Next, add to the sauce six crushed garlic cloves, a large spoon of favorite seasoning, salt, bay leaf, dry parsley and ground pepper. Stew it under the lid

for another five minutes. Put the pieces of fish into a frying pan. The dish will be ready in twenty minutes. Serve it with rice, watering the sauce.

Sea hare( fish).Recipe with cheese

sea ​​hare fish recipe

To prepare a dish, you must cut the fish with thin plates( the weight of each of them should not be more than one hundred and fifty grams).Make breading, mixing a glass of biscuits and grated finely parmesan with a pinch of salt. Beat the eggs very well. First, each piece of fillet roll in flour. Then put it in the beaten egg and, finally, in the breading. If desired, these actions can be repeated again. Fry for five minutes on each side. If desired, the dish can be baked in the oven at a temperature of two hundred degrees. It will take no more than fifteen minutes.

Sea hare: "Fish to beer"

fish hare recipe

To prepare a dish, you first need to make a pound of fillet and chop it into small thin pieces. The semi-finished product must not be completely thawed. Each cassowe thickly cover with cayenne pepper and leave for half an hour. After the fish completely defrosted, roll portions in corn flour, which is recommended to add a little black pepper and salt. Preheat the deep saucepan, add a glass of vegetable oil. Fry the pieces in boiling fat for three to five minutes on both sides. Next, put them on for a few minutes on paper towels. This will remove excess oil. Serve this beer can be both hot and chilled.

Sea hare: "Fish with garnish"

sea ​​hare fish

First you need to boil the rice as usual. Next - in one pan fry the portioned fish, having a weight not more than two hundred grams. Put a mug of one onion into a deep saucepan and cubes of four tomatoes. Stew the sauce for five to seven minutes. Then add to it five chopped cloves of garlic, ten olives, cut into circles, salt and black pepper. Stew the sauce for ten minutes. On the plate to spread as follows: first - a slide of rice, then - a piece of fish, top with sauce. Bon Appetit!

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