Recipe: lard in brine - the result will exceed expectations

Do you like bacon the way I do? Delicate, fragrant, with a slight taste of spices. An irreplaceable source of strength and energy, as well as excellent snack. With a slice of black bread, it just melts on the tongue, leaving an indescribable bouquet of gustatory sensations. fat recipe in brine

If you are a fan of salted bacon, it's time to learn how to cook this delicacy yourself. After all, then you can control the entire cooking process and the quality of the original product. So, you will be completely sure of the final result. Of all the variety of ways of pickling, my family prefers ambassador sala in brine. In this case, it is salted out evenly, without salt crystals on the surface.

Which fat to choose?

Buy bacon is best on the market, there you will give it to touch, sniff and taste. If you do not know how to choose, find a friend or a friend who understands this. He will help you find the right piece and tell about all the intricacies of this case.

How to salt bacon in a brine - preparat


So, you brought the fat from the market, for the first time you will have enough half a kilogram of this product. If you think it is necessary, wash it and pat dry with a towel. Next, the fat should be prepared for the ambassador. That is, cut. Cut in two ways: long pieces of 6-7 cm wide or small bars 4 by 7 centimeters. There is a technology for each cutting.


You will need equipment from the equipment: a cutting board, a sharp knife, a 2-3-liter bowl, a pan of the same capacity, a three-liter jar and a dark cool place. In summer, the lower shelf of the refrigerator is quite suitable for this, and in winter you can find a suitable place in the kitchen.

Recipe: lard in brine

ambassador of bacon in brine Whatever salad recipe in brine you take, from any other it differs only by a set of spices. And the main thing in this business is a saturated saline solution. By the way, in no case do not take ready-made spices for pickling lard. Spoil the product.


Pork fat - 400-500 grams, salt - 1 glass per liter of water, bay leaves - 3-5 pieces, garlic - as much as laurel and black pepper or a mixture of peppers.

Recipe: lard in brine -

technology Salo cut into bars, the size we already negotiated. Fold in a bowl, sprinkle with freshly ground pepper, add bay leaf and crushed garlic. In cold boiled water, dissolve the salt. Pour the lard over the resulting solution. Top put the plate and put pressure. As a yoke, a 3-liter jar is suitable, filled with water. After three or four days, the fat is ready. It remains only to dry with a paper towel. You can call the guests and tell them how to salt the lard in the brine.

Recipe: lard in brine - variation first

In a saucepan boil water, add salt, laurushka, bell pepper and dill seeds. We give a boil and turn it off. While the brine is cooling down, we prepare the fat. Cut into long bars and add to the enamel bowl. Garlic press or cut, part put in the bottom of the bowl, part - on top. Lightly sprinkle with ground pepper. When the brine has cooled to room temperature, fill it with bacon, cover with a porcelain plate, put pressure and wait for five days.

Recipe: lard in brine - variation second

Cook brine without laurel leaves and other spices, only salt. Fat is cut into long pieces. Garlic cut with thin blocks or plates. With the help of a knife, we bacon the lard with garlic. Fold in a bowl and sprinkle with pepper. Can be red, can be black, and can be mixed. Further technology is described above. By the way, according to this recipe you can pour pork substitutes or bacon meat. Get a wonderful bacon, which you can fry eggs and cook different dishes described in fashion magazines. how to salt bacon in brine

How to store bacon

After the period of salting salo, salted in brine, it is necessary to get it, dip it with a towel, let it air dry a little. It is best in limbo. Then wrap in linen cloth, foil and put in the freezer. A portion of fat that you plan to eat for a week can not be frozen.

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