How to cook pancakes on milk fresh and sour?

Many people know how to make pancakes on milk, because this traditional Russian dish is one of the most common. It is daily, and festive, and funeral. Each housewife has her own recipe for pancakes and how to serve them, so there are many options for cooking. If you do not know how to cook pancakes, this article will be useful.

What are pancakes?

How to cook pancakes with milk They can be prepared on water, kefir or milk. They are fresh and yeast, thin and plump, delicate and dense, large and very small, with filling and baking, from wheat or buckwheat flour. They are eaten with butter and sour cream, jam and honey, fruits and berries. Pancakes can be served as a dessert for tea or as an unsweetened dish with onion, meat, liver, caviar.

How to cook pancakes with milk quickly and deliciously?

Often they act as a dish in a hurry, so it's important to know the recipe for quick and certainly delicious pancakes. Now we will tell you about how to make pancakes just like that. We need to prepare the following s

et: half a liter of milk, a glass of flour, two eggs, sugar and salt to taste, a spoonful of vegetable oil. Eggs, break into a bowl, add sugar and salt and rub. We sift the flour, gradually combine it with the eggs, stirring. In the received weight we infuse milk. We do this gradually so that lumps do not form. Now add the vegetable oil and stir. You should get a dough, resembling liquid sour cream. We reheat the cast-iron frying pan on high heat and lubricate. Pour the dough with a ladle and let it flow in the frying pan. As blush, turn over to the other side. how to cook pancakes Finished pancakes fold a slide on a plate, grease with butter. They can be served with honey or sour cream, bored with a straw or folded with a triangle. And since these pancakes are thin, they can wrap any stuffing: meat, cottage cheese, caviar, chicken, berries.

How to cook pancakes on milk yeast?

Many people like pancakes yeast, plump and sour. Now we will bake just such. Take half a liter of milk, three eggs, three teaspoons of yeast dry, about two tablespoons of sugar, 400 grams of flour, a large spoonful of vegetable oil, salt( by eye).First we beat the eggs. how to make pancakes Slightly warm the milk and put into it yeast, eggs, salt and sugar. Add the flour, mix thoroughly, avoiding the formation of lumps, and leave in the warmth to rise.20 minutes later the dough should increase in volume. Now you need to put vegetable oil in it and stir it. Heat the frying pan on high heat, grease it and pour out the dough ladle. Bake until blanch, then turn over to the other side. Fold a small piece on a plate, put a piece of butter on top. Pancakes are delicious. Serve them hot.

Summing up

Now you know how to make pancakes on milk( bezdozherzhevye and sour).Of course, you can bring your zest to existing recipes.

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