Corner of nature in kindergarten

Everyone knows the importance of ecological education in growing a decent person. And the first step along this path is a corner of nature in the kindergarten, where the kids get their first knowledge about the living world. They also try their hand for the first time, doing some simple work to care for plants or living things. All this is called communicating with nature.

Plants in the living corner of the

Nature's corner in kindergarten must necessarily include plants. It can be both perennial home flowers, and even onions, planted on the greens in the ground or a glass of water. But it is not recommended to keep in a group where there are kids, cacti and poisonous plants - in order to avoid trouble, because it is quite difficult to keep track of children. It is good for the children of the older group to organize classes not only for caring for plants that are already growing, but also to teach them to plant seeds in the ground, to observe the first sprouts, to note daily changes in t

hem. a corner of nature in kindergarten

Aquariums and terrariums

In the living area in the kindergarten, you can put an aquarium with live fish, frogs or water turtles. Also, children are pleased with observations of reptiles kept in special transparent terrariums. However, in these cases, you should follow certain precautions. The best place for nature in kindergarten, if it is equipped with aquariums or terrariums, is fenced with a special fence made of plastic, which today is sold in large quantities in stores. They are bright colors, about half a meter high, so they will even decorate the room of the group, successfully fitting into its interior. You can also use aquariums and terrariums made of unbreakable material: plexiglass, clear plastic. living room in kindergarten

Animals in the living corner of the

Often in a group, cells with rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles, birds and other small pets are placed. But it is necessary to approach the selection of animals with great care, because some babies may have an allergy to wool and fluff. Therefore, before making such a decision, it is recommended that a parent meeting be held to identify contraindications in children. how to decorate a corner of nature in a kindergarten

Models, albums, drawings about nature

It is very important to make a corner of nature in kindergarten beautiful and attractive. It is desirable that the children themselves take part in its creation. This can be an exhibition of children's drawings, and herbariums, collected by the kids together with their parents, and a collection of minerals. Adults can compose with their offspring a collection of riddles about nature with pictures, make of natural and improvised materials, as well as toys depicting animals, dummies of a forest clearing and village yard, where each pet has its own place. Since it is necessary to design a corner of nature in kindergarten in such a way that it "worked", was functional, then the layouts are best done not by stationary ones, but by freely understandable ones. Let the little ones "ask" pet food, "clean" the stall, release cattle for a walk, and in the evening they are driven into the premises. These actions contribute to the development in the toddlers of responsibility and a sense of duty, lay the understanding that pets need constant care from their owners.

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