A self-made cliche is an excellent gift or decor element

Today, there are many different ideas and master classes on how you can create household items yourself. Popular is home soap making, making jewelry and jewelry, quilling as an idea for postcards. An excellent idea for a homemade can be a housekeeper with their own hands - for themselves or for a gift to close people.

Useful thing

housekeeper own hands A walletsman is not only a very useful thing that helps to store keys in a place known to all households, but also serves as an interior decor. The created housekeeper with her own hands will not only carry her useful function, but will also decorate the hallway.

Materials for the manufacture of

The wrench itself can be made of various materials: cardboard, wood, metal. To decorate it, it is better to stock up with different cloths, as well as small things that are necessary for its decoration.

Open version of

housekeeper The simplest way is to create an open key house - a framework with hooks for keys. To make it is not difficult even for a fragile woman,

tk. There will not be much power here. Plywood or any other base must first be covered with fabric( ideally - velvet), make the frame as an ornament( suitable as a ditch, or just a cloth or ribbon), nail several hooks. The clerk is ready! It remains only to hang it on the wall.

Wrench on the door of the cabinet

You can create the housekeeper yourself with different hands. One option can be hidden in the closet. This is the easiest way to store all the keys in one place. You just need to attach a crossbar to the inside of the cabinet door, hang a few carbines on it, to which the keys will cling. All the housekeeper hidden in the cupboard is ready.


housekeeper The most cost-effective in terms of manufacturing time, but also the most beautiful option will be a wall-keeper, created in the form of a box. An original box is made with his own hands. The cavity, which will be closed with a door and a lock. A casket for keys can be made of cardboard, wood or metal. But the most convenient and practical way is to create this little thing from the tree. You can find a ready-made wooden box, or you can make it yourself. Now you need to think about how and what to decorate the casket for keys. There are a lot of options. You can decorate it with a cloth that will cover the wooden base, inventing an interesting bizarre image. Also suitable for decoration paper. Excellent idea can be a decor in the form of quilling - skilful paper twist. But such an ornament in the future is best hidden behind the glass, first of all from dust. As an option, you can decorate the housekeeper with embroidery from threads or beads. So, the housekeeper will also be a picture. Decorate a little thing can also various small things - clippings from newspapers or magazines, small details or figures, ribbons or threads. There are a huge number of options, you just need to find one that the owners like, and also harmoniously fit the interior of the room. You can be sure that the created housekeeper with her own hands will not only perfectly decorate the house, but will also become an original and bright gift to beloved people.

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