Kitchen curtains with their own hands: from the choice of fabric to fastening

Choose a fabric

Sewing curtains in the kitchen with your own hands can almost any woman who knows how to handle scissors, a needle and has a sewing machine in the house. In addition, the kitchen - this is a room in which the family spends the most time. Naturally, the more comfortable there, the more pleasant it is to be in the kitchen, to communicate, to cook. And kitchen curtains play not the least role in creating a pleasant atmosphere. First of all, you need to choose a fabric for future curtains. Curtains with your own hands Most often the kitchen is in a small space. To visually increase it, the fabric should be warm shades, with small patterns. Sewing kitchen curtains is better from linen or cotton materials with the addition of synthetics. Such fabrics are resistant to ultraviolet rays, they can repel pollution, do not crumble too much. It is best to choose such material options so that their width coincides with the width of the curtains. Then it will be necessary to process only the top and bottom edges. Curtains in the kitchen with their own hands

Length, dimensions and models of

Before you can sew curtains with your own hands, you need to decide what style and size they will have. The choice of the location of the window. If it is near the work surface, for example, near the washbasin, stove or countertop for cutting food, then it is better to sew kitchen curtains up to the window sill. In this case, it is better to make a sliding sheet along the width of the opening. This will allow the curtain to move to the side opposite the work surface, during cooking and not to stain it. If there is no desire to shift, the next solution is possible - it is decorated with a bow in the tone of the fabric, which pulls the tissue partially to the side. Kitchen Curtains Long sliding curtains with your own hands can be made if the window is in the eating area. They can also be decorated with a wide ribbon, with which you can pull the halves on different sides. Cross-stitched curtains with their own hands should be in style to approach the interior of the kitchen. Needless to say, in the kitchen, executed in the Gothic style or sustained in the spirit of minimalism, ruffles and frills will look inappropriate. Monochrome rectangular curtains will fit any design decision. Cornices with rings

We fasten the kitchen curtains to the

window. You can attach kitchen curtains with your own hands in several ways. First of all, this is a traditional cornice with rings and clamps. Cornice with a rod In the building materials store it can be selected for an interior of different materials: it can be metal, plastic or wooden. You can use the cornice, which does not require special clamps. It is a fastener to the wall, into which a rod is inserted. On it and put on curtains or curtains. Cornice with ceiling mount There are no difficulties with sewing such a curtain with your own hands - just need a little more fabric and two extra seams to have a hole where to insert the rod. You can also use the cornice for vertical blinds. It is fixed to the ceiling, and metal or plastic rings are sewed to the curtains or the eyelets are driven in, which are then put on the hooks of the mobile attachment mechanism.

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