Why does the cat drool?

Why does the cat drool?

Cats are amazing creatures. They are the keepers of the home and a kind of antidepressant for the owners. The disease of the animal, unquestionably, is an unpleasant fact. Therefore, to prevent the disease, you need to take care of your pet's health, pay attention to any changes in his condition. Quite often there are situations when the cat is drooling. What is it connected with, is it dangerous for your pussy's health?

Causes of drooling in cats

the cat is drooling Salivation, or, as it is also called, pseudalism, is due to the excess of saliva that drips from the animal's mouth. There are many reasons for this. They can be both harmless and serious enough. In general, the cat is drooling due to problems with the oral cavity or due to a disorder of the nervous system. Sometimes pseudalism can be found in cats with an anatomical abnormality, due to which saliva drips from the mouth. In healthy animals salivation is usually not observed. But still there are cases when cats a

re drooling before feeding or when they are caressed and stroked. In some pets, excessive salivation may occur when they are very nervous. After all, in a state of tension, the cat begins to lick itself too strongly to calm down more quickly. This can be the reason for increased salivation in a stressful situation. Another reason for drooling in cats are various medications. This can be a reaction to a tasteless and bitter medicine. For example, increased salivation is caused by drugs from worms or a pill of "No-Shpa".And the abundant allocation of saliva can begin not only after acceptance, but also in the event that the cat knows that it will be given an unpleasant taste of the drug or an injection is introduced. Also, the cat is drooling, if it has rocked on a trip. Foam at the mouth of the animal may appear in case of nausea or vomiting. All of the above reasons for salivation are not serious and usually last for long. However, if you notice excessive salivation in the cat or foam at the mouth for no apparent reason, if this occurs for an hour and a half or more, you should seek help from a veterinarian. After all, excessive salivation may be reasonably serious. Among them - poisoning, dental problems, abscess, heat stroke, insect bite, botulism or even rabies. why the cat is drooling

When contacting a veterinarian, try to provide a detailed story about the health of your pet. Do not forget to mention the medicines used, the number of vaccinations, the possible effects of toxins, as well as other symptoms accompanying ptyalism. The expert should understand, than the drooling is caused by difficulty of swallowing or a nausea which is accompanied by a smacking and emetic urges. why the cat is drooling Also the doctor will conduct a neurological and physical examination of your cat, focusing on the neck and mouth. For diagnosis, X-rays and ultrasound are used to determine problems in the structure of the liver or other internal organs. In case of suspicion of immune disorders, the veterinarian can prescribe a biopsy of cells and tissues.

Treatment of

As soon as it becomes known why the cat is drooling, and is diagnosed, the veterinarian will take the treatment of the main cause of ptism. This determines the number of visits to a specialist and examination of the animal in order to ensure the effectiveness of therapy.

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