How to sleep during pregnancy: Some useful tips

Each future mother, after learning about the imminent appearance of the baby, thinks about all those changes that come to her life in connection with this event. Among the exciting issues is the idea of ​​how to sleep properly with pregnant women. After all, the body is seriously transformed, and the usual posture can be uncomfortable and even harmful for the baby.

How to sleep during pregnancy How to sleep a pregnant

The problem of choosing a pose for sleep becomes especially relevant from the fifth month of pregnancy. The woman's breasts become more sensitive, and the stomach intensively increases, so the situation has to be looked for with certain efforts. And without a comfortable rest, it is not possible to regain strength normally. Therefore it is important to observe several basic rules on how to sleep during pregnancy. You need to pick up a not too hard mattress, so that the bed supports the spine in a natural position. It is best to purchase an orthopedic option. The bed should not strongly spring, otherwise t

he frequent fluctuations due to each movement of the sleeping will interfere with the baby and the future mother. Also it is necessary to take care of special pillows for pregnant women. Putting one under your back, you can not turn over in the wrong position, and the second will help you sit on your side with maximum comfort. To sleep on the back experts do not advise because the baby will squeeze the internal organs and worsen the condition of the mother's body.

How to sleep properly with pregnant women How to sleep during pregnancy firmly and calmly

To your sleep does not violate anything, try to lead a correct lifestyle in the day. Eat a healthy, full-fledged food. Let it be small, but frequent servings, so as not to overeat and do not suffer from severe hunger. After the evening meal, it should remain until sleep for about three hours, so that the process of digestion does not affect your night rest. In the evening, do not drink a drink with a lot of sugar or caffeine, it is better to drink a little warm milk with honey. Another means, as to sleep during pregnancy is stronger, are physical exertion. Be engaged in special programs for pregnant women, in order to fall asleep fast and fast. It will be enough to perform the complex during the day, and just relax in the evening, because if you shift the load to bedtime, the excitement after physical activity can lead to insomnia. Another means, like sleeping during pregnancy, falling asleep and fully recovering, is the correct intellectual load. How to sleep pregnant Do not overstrain yourself before going to bed, it's better to go for a quiet walk or listen to pleasant music that will help you relax and prepare for a night's rest. Hiking before bedtime combined with periodic airing or sleeping with an open window in the warm season can not be better stabilized sleep. After a walk you can take a warm bath and immediately go to bed. Sleep will be guaranteed to be calm, strong and deep. Finally, the last resort, how to sleep more tightly during pregnancy, is aromatherapy. Put under your pillow a fragrant bag with dried melissa, hops, immortelle and geranium. Get a fragrance and essential oil of lavender. Put on soft and comfortable clothes and enjoy the waves of fragrances that are sure to lull you and the baby.

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