Rice with shrimps - a dish of Asian cuisine

Combine rice, seafood and vegetables in one dish.

Rice with vegetables and shrimps is a low-calorie dish and simple in execution. When you want to make a variety in the diet, but there is no desire to greatly surprise your body with a combination of unusual products, then the next dish is specially for you! Rice with shrimps is a traditional dish of Asian cuisine.

To prepare this dish, we will need:

rice with shrimps - long grain rice;

- frozen prawns;

- odorless vegetable oil;

- tomato;

- Bulgarian pepper;

- onion;

- soy sauce;

- balsamic vinegar;

- seeds of dill;

- salt.

First of all we prepare a vegetable dressing for rice

Mix in a bowl of soy sauce, fragrant vinegar and vegetable oil. We cut the peeled onion very thinly - up to 1 mm, and in length - ¼ ring. Put the prepared sauce and mix. Bulgarian peppers are cleaned from seeds and cut too in the form of ¼ rings with a thickness of up to 3 mm. Throw into the sauce. Tomato is cut into 4 parts, we take o

ut the seeds and the entire liquid part. Cut into strips about 5 mm. It is desirable that the length of the strips of tomato is close to the length of other sliced ​​vegetables. We put in the dressing and gently mix, so that the tomato slices remain intact. We leave the vegetables in the marinade for at least twenty minutes.

Cooking shrimp rice with vegetables and shrimps

We throw dill seeds into boiling salted water. They help to save seafood from the smell of mud. Then put frozen prawns there. Stir and wait for a new boil of water. As soon as the contents of the pan have reached the desired temperature, we remove the sea crustaceans with a noise and slightly cool. Then we clean out the shells and the black intestine that runs along the entire length of the trunk. We put chilled prawns in a marinade.

Boil the rind of

Next, for a dish called "rice with shrimp," prepare the garnish. It is necessary to take a long grain grains, paying attention to the fact that grains were whole. This, if properly prepared, will ensure that the rice remains friable. We thoroughly rinse the groats, pour water from the calculation of 1 part of rice into 2.5 parts of water. After boiling, reduce the fire and mix to avoid sticking the grain to the bottom of the pan. A little salt rice. It should be borne in mind that the vegetable dressing will not be slightly salted, tk.soy sauce, vinegar and shrimp already in large quantities contain this seasoning. So salt rice moderately. rice with shrimp recipe The consistency of cereals for rice and shrimp should not be mushy. To do this, you need to properly prepare the side dish. The secret is that the rice should be cooked on a very slow fire for about 15 minutes. And when it is almost ready, make sure that there is a small amount of liquid left on the bottom. Approximately 1/5 of the total volume of rice at the moment. Turn off the fire. Firmly cover the pan with a lid and cover to keep the heat for 20 minutes. By this time, the croup will be completely ready, and will not stick together.

We lay out the plates

Now rice with shrimp can be served on the table. First we put the cereal base, then we put the vegetables and shrimps together with the marinade from above. This is how rice is cooked with shrimp. The recipe is available even to a novice chef!

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