How to decorate a one-room apartment? One-room apartment design: ideas, photos

One bedroom apartments combine a bedroom and a living room, and in the studio apartments there is also a kitchen in one space. When it comes to buying furniture for housing, which is limited to a small area, there is a problem, because everyone wants to make the apartment spacious. There are various ideas for one-bedroom apartments that help to cope with this task.

How to choose a design for a small area

The design of a one-bedroom apartment depends in many ways on what kind of lifestyle the owners lead. Do you need your own secluded space for rest and work or do you often have guests in the apartment? The lifestyle and habits of the individual have a great influence on the design of a one-room apartment. If you need a quiet private life, you should organize zones with various functions and be sure to allocate a sleeping corner. For the entertainment of guests, the main large space in the apartment and certain furniture and upholstery materials are required. The main drawback in a small apartment i

s a limited space.

Ideas for a one-room apartment

The most important advice when choosing a design for a one-room apartment is to create a preliminary plan with a division into areas that meet the interests of the owners.

General principles for choosing furniture

How to decorate a one-room apartment? The main principle is the use of multifunctional furniture. If the room is too small to put a sofa and bed, so why not use a futon or a folding sofa? Using a Japanese floor mattress( futon) involves daily cleaning for the day. A sofa bed or a modular sofa in this respect is more convenient, especially since sofas are often equipped with a compartment for bed linen. Carefully selected room conditions easily divide space into tiny areas and make a large part of it free.

Functionality and practicality

The design of a one-room apartment provides that furniture of any purpose must have a dual function - aesthetic and storage of things. You can buy chairs, tables and sofas with built-in storage compartments for items that are rarely used, or with hinged covers or extendable planes. Practically actively use mezzanines, hidden furniture and vertical space. And this approach should be used not only in the room, but also in the kitchen, corridor or bathroom, and even on the balcony. Nishi, which are often found in the layout of small apartments, you can use to create a wardrobe, bed or work area.

Small studio apartment

Alcove - the perfect solution for

It's interesting how to decorate a one-room apartment when a sleeping area is made in a niche or in a furniture wall that occupies one of the walls completely? Usually in this case, create an alcove. It is often located near a window, occupying space above the window with shelves or hinged structures, and the walls of the cabinets become both the backs of the bed. If the alcove is made at the window, for a day it is closed with traditional curtains and curtains. The location of the alcove in the niche allows it to be closed by sliding doors, bellows or blinds. Built in a blind furniture wall, the alcove is often closed in the daytime with doors similar to the rest of the wall. This solution allows you to use the rest of the space as an ordinary living room or study. And in this case, you can apply in the design of any of the styles that the owners like.

False loft in a small apartment

In a tiny apartment instantly feel the increase to the area, if you use the space above the kitchen and an affordable compact staircase built into the furniture. The same pseudo-chair creates a storage space in the hallway. It is best to create a false loft with the help of a tree, especially above the kitchen, and use it under a bed. Based on wood, you can apply country styles, ethno, Scandinavian and others, which will make the apartment cozy, eco-friendly. If you buy wooden furniture for you dearly, you can order only wooden doors for all furniture.

Another way how to furnish a one-room apartment is to create a second floor for a bed or store things or an artificial loft above the cupboard installed in the corner. But the acquisition of finished universal furniture, which provides for a comprehensive solution to the problem, is obviously the simplest solution.

Warm minimalism

Basically a small one-room apartment designed with the same miniature kitchen. Carefully choosing furniture and decor for these small apartments, most people believe that minimal designs will easily provide order in the apartment and visually increase its size. This pushes many to minimize the registration of an apartment. Furniture makers have long been producing products in different styles, so a smaller version of the traditional set of kitchen furniture, in which the working area and even the technique is rather miniature, is quite acceptable. A table, stylish stools will make the situation complete.

How to decorate a one-room apartment

Built-in wall in one color with wall decoration and modular sofa or ottoman, small table - this is true minimalism. Futon is suitable for guests. A built-in wall can hide the workplace, drawers for things. When choosing a sofa, you can choose a product with hidden drawers for laundry.

Different colors can make the room and furniture attractive. Do not be afraid to use bright colors, such as yellow buttercup, fuchsia, sea wave and azure, to revive the apartment. You can stay on a one-color color scheme with splashes of color in the form of multi-colored sofa cushions, rugs and curtains.

Constructivism in a one-room apartment

A bright manifestation of constructivism is the use of abstract geometrism, collages and photomontage, unusual spatial designs of furniture.

Furnishing of one-room apartment

The design of a one-room apartment, designed in this style, is characterized by simplicity, which is pleasant to those who like a thoughtful, clear, without decoration conditions. The general features of

are: Constructivism. So, you can not use:

  • accessories and pendants;
  • ornaments, inlays, mosaics, carved details.

Palette styles are black and white, diluted with simple distinct colors - red, blue, yellow and metallic of different saturation. How to decorate a one-room apartment in the style of constructivism? Furniture of different shapes, which can receive the most interesting combinations of characteristic colors, can divide space into separate zones. With the help of cubic modular furniture you can make original designs. Shelves perfectly fit into the style, and the coloring of furniture in these shades makes the apartment stylish. Constructivism manages to convert a small space into separate zones for work, rest, reception of guests.

Modern for a small apartment

Noble elegance, non-standard rounded shape and lines are typical for modern style. Style does not like statics, in modernity everything is interwoven, pouring from one form to another.

How to arrange furniture in the apartment

Modern design is very bold and aesthetic. What does such a one-room apartment look like? Incredible shape of the partition and rounded arched vaults with spectacular asymmetry. Ornaments that can be found among plants, on the seabed or in a flock of flying birds, an unthinkable number of prints and decors, wavy lines of transitions that are used everywhere - from lamps to furniture.

Stained-glass windows, as an indispensable attribute, decorated various fragments.

The colors of true nature decorate this design, repeating the tender milky shades, the rough sand color, the deep and versatile purple, the incredible range of red and green, and most importantly, the elegant gleam of jewelry.

Which furniture should I choose for this style? Modern loves modular furniture, which often represents firms in trade. It is equipped with a mosaic finish - this element can meet on the ceiling, furniture, windows - anywhere. Modules are assembled in any combination, mezzanines in this style perfectly fit in the corridor, room, bathroom, kitchen. Mosaic partitions for zoning elegantly emphasize the style. Finishing with natural wood allows you to create an artificial loft.

Oriental style

Many people think that a studio apartment should be just convenient - if possible. Fans of oriental style small areas, on the contrary, will please.

One-room apartment design

Temporary walls from separating paper or bamboo roller blinds between a place for rest and other parts of the interior do not make you wonder how to arrange furniture in the apartment. This style is not often found, but separate, partial partitions provide a personal space if guests come. Partitions can be very attractive, and adding them to the decor of the apartment creates a certain charm. Conventional shelves, which can be located from the ceiling to the floor, can be covered with fabric or paper roller blinds. Glass is also appropriate for these purposes, which helps to open space and make light as accessible as possible. Sleeper on the floor on a low pedestal, low table, behind which you can sit on the floor, bamboo mats instead of flooring - these elements will complement the style.

High-tech in small apartments

Room decor

This style involves a huge amount of home appliances, located on the walls, as well as metal and plastic in any color. How to decorate a one-room apartment( photo) in high-tech? Usually the apartment is made up of a middle-aged, lonely person, turning it into a studio. All that is necessary for life, at hand, the minimum of things that are located on open shelves, "packed" bathroom and kitchen, which frees the maximum area. Exotic space chandeliers, incredible constructions-transformers instead of furniture. But to live in such an atmosphere, oddly enough, is convenient.

City style

The most common style in apartments. It can be called anarchistic. Denying the common forms and styles, fashion, the owner of the apartment suits his home in accordance with personal predilections, with a strange combination of shades in decoration. The situation of the room can be different in style, origin and purpose, but it is necessary for the owner of the apartment. Such apartments can resemble a library or laboratory, a gym or atelier - everyone lives by their own interests. The self-sufficiency of the situation is the style.