How to transplant the money tree. When you need to transplant the money tree

Crassula, plump, money tree - these are the names of one very beautiful and interesting plant belonging to the genus succulents. There is a popular belief among the people that it is capable of attracting financial success to the house. In order to avoid the need for money, it is necessary not only to acquire a tree, but also to provide it with normal conditions for growth and development. The more magnificent the crown of the rosula, the richer you will be. Therefore, it is so important to know how to transplant a money tree, how to care for it, to give it the right shape, to choose a suitable pot, etc. The right care will grow a beautiful and healthy plant. how to transplant a money tree

What kind of primer is needed for fat people?

As the succulent is a ready-made mixture for cacti, aloe and other plants with fleshy leaves and stems. If there is no such soil in the store, then a universal variant for indoor flowers is suitable, but only it needs to be improved - add in the ratio 1: 4 sand. It is important to know not only h

ow to transplant the money tree, but also what it loves. A redsula does not tolerate excess moisture, so you should take care of the good drainage in advance. In the pot, you must make at least one hole, so that excess water would go out into the pan. At the bottom it is necessary to put a layer of drainage 2 cm thick( you can use claydite, broken brick or crushed shell of walnuts).This will protect the roots from decay.

Choosing a pot

How to transplant a properly cash tree? To do this, you need to pick a good pot. The fathead has a superficial root system, so it is ideal for a shallow but wide capacity. To ensure the stability of the plant, you need to pick up a pot, the diameter of which corresponds to the diameter of the crown of the rosula. This is very important, since inappropriate capacity can help slow or completely halt the growth of the money tree. Therefore, if the flower slowly grows, new leaves do not appear for a long time, it simply needs to be transplanted into a wide pot. how to transplant a properly cash tree

Peculiarities of Krasula Patch

Before transplanting a money tree, it is necessary to specify its age. Young plants are recommended to change the soil and pot every year, adults - every 2-3 years. Just got a fat woman recommended to transplant in two weeks after the purchase. If the soil is normal, and the plant needs only a slightly larger pot, then transshipment should be done. It is not so painfully tolerated by the rosula, in comparison with the transplant. For this, it is necessary to take the plant together with an earthen lump, place it in a new container and fill the soil.

When is it better to transplant a money tree? The plant well tolerates the change of the pot in spring and autumn. If it is sick, then the transplant can be done at any time of the year. It happens that the roots are slightly rotted due to diseases or excessive soil moisture. In this case, the damaged parts should be cut off, and the plant itself should be left for a day with an open root system, so that it will dry out a little. With a money tree you need to be treated very carefully, because it has incredibly fragile leaves that easily fall off the trunk. when is it better to transplant a money tree

Care of the roots

If the plant is weak, stands still, drops the leaves, then you do not need to wait for the moment when you can change the money tree, you need to immediately understand what is wrong with the green pet. The poor state of the rosula may be caused by the overmoistening of the soil or the appearance of insects and worms in the roots. It is necessary to remove the plant from the pot, shake the ground and carefully examine the root system. Decayed areas are recommended to be cut off. Roots must be rinsed under running water to wash away the old soil, and with it possible diseases.

If the plump dog was not watered for a long time or there was a strong heat, then the plant could lose its habitual appearance. In this case, the reason lies in excessively over-dried roots. In order to correct the situation, it is necessary to put the rosula in a container of water for a few days and watch it. If the decayed areas were cut, then after the transplantation, the thick-skinned should not be watered for about two weeks. Overmoistening of the soil can cause significant damage to the plant. In some cases, the money tree is completely deprived of the root system. How to transplant an outgrowth or an adult flower devoid of roots? The plant is recommended to leave for a week to dry the place of the cut, and then plant it in the ground or put it in water, where it should be held before the root system appears. when you can transplant a money tree

If the money tree suffers from the presence of worms or insects, you need to purchase a special tool in the store to destroy them. Roots are washed under running water, and then treated with chemicals from parasites. Each preparation has an instruction that must be carefully studied before use.

Maintenance of a money tree after a transplant

Crassula in most cases is well established in a new place. But still you need to know how to transplant the correct money tree, so that it goes into growth. The new soil has a supply of nutrients, so in the first months, the fattening is not necessary. Immediately after the transplant, you do not need to water it for about two weeks. The plant should be protected from sunlight. Leaves should be clean, therefore periodically they should be sprayed or wiped with a damp cloth. Crassula loves a moderate temperature, so in the summer she feels well in the penumbra on the balcony, and in winter - in a cool place, away from heating appliances. when you need to transplant a money tree

Features of watering plants

Spring and autumn are the periods when you need to transplant the money tree. At this time, the air temperature is moderate, so the plant does not require abundant watering. Tolstyanka is much more likely to experience drought than waterlogging. For this reason, it should be watered a little when the top layer of the soil dries up. It must be remembered that stagnant water in the pot can lead to decay of the roots. In the cold season, the rosula can be watered once a month.

How to form a beautiful crown?

It is important to know not only how to transplant the money tree, but also how to give it the right shape. Tolstyanka looks beautiful in the form of a tree. In this form it is easier to keep heavy thick leaves that tend to twig the branches down. To grow a beautiful rosula, you need to plant a single shoot in the pot to have enough room for normal growth. Several plants in one container create a shrub that does not branch well and looks unattractive. To create a beautiful crown, you need to pinch a fat woman in time. When 4 pairs of leaflets appear on the process, it is necessary to tweeze a new kidney between the last pair of tweezers or nails. It can be unscrewed or pulled out. After a while, several new kidneys appear in its place - this is the beginning of the branching of the future tree. money tree as a transplant

Money tree - a symbol of financial well-being

Many people believe that the fat-haired woman draws wealth to the house. So it or not - you can not say for sure. But still check the people's signs will not hurt. To do this, you need to put a few coins on the bottom of the pot, which you could give in a 8. If this number symbolizes infinity, then the money will come to you all the time. After such an original ritual, the money tree will become a symbol of well-being. From its appearance, the wealth in the house depends entirely.

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