How to choose a bicycle for a child according to his age?

How to choose a bicycle for a child? This question worries many parents. It would seem that there are no problems when choosing a bicycle. But all the same it is not necessary to forget that for each age certain models will approach.

how to choose a bicycle for a child

Bicycle for the child.1 year - buy or not worth it?

No one will argue with the fact that every parent wants to see his baby rested, physically developed, in a good mood. A tricycle for children is the first step towards these achievements.

As soon as the child turns a year and a half, you can think about what it is worth starting to learn how to ride. Of course, the first three-wheeled transport, it would seem, is no different from an ordinary bicycle. The presence of seats, steering wheels, wheels and pedals - all this is present in the models for the youngest. However, the long handle, which resembles a cane, still distorts the appearance of the bicycle.

It turns out that this type of transport is the so-called bicycles. Due to the long handle, parents ca

n control the movement of the bicycle.

bicycle for a child 1 year Many models are equipped with special straps that hold the child, and the pedals that rotate the baby help him adapt to the ride. In general, such a chic machine completely obeys the child, which, of course, extremely pleases crumbs, it gives him great pleasure.

The benefits of biking at an early age

The sooner your baby starts skating, the better. Firstly, a bicycle is a lot of pleasant emotions and joyful impressions. Secondly, riding on it is also incredibly useful for the physical development of crumbs and for his health. The legs become much stronger, the movements are coordinated. The baby develops a sense of balance, as well as the ability of orientation in space.

Parents need to know how to choose a bicycle for a child, because he should be comfortable and easy to ride, he must fully manage it. The most important thing is to select a "car" for the growth of the baby. On average, a bicycle serves a growing child for about one and a half to two years.

You can never buy a baby transport "for growth".Every age needs a certain model. Underestimating the physical abilities of your child, parents will simply increase the risk of injuries and the number of falls.

Three-wheeled bicycle to pick up is not difficult

Correct posture, ability to brake, turn pedals and steer. .. All this very quickly learns the correctly selected bike for the child.1 year - the age is serious for mastering the basic skills of riding( how to sit on a bicycle, turn the steering wheel, etc.), but do not forget that the balancer on such a device the kid does not learn. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to strong models with reliable wheels. Significant coordination of the baby will reach about four years, and only then parents can look at two-wheeled bicycles with additional wheels. Such models can be purchased today at absolutely affordable prices.

tricycle for children Parents should understand how to choose a bicycle for a child in terms of growth, because this process is different from the selection of transport for adults. The size in this case is determined not by the height of the frame, but by the height of the baby and the diameter of the wheels. What does it mean? If, with an increase of 98 cm, the diameter of the wheels should be 12 inches, then at 130 cm of growth it is doubled. That is, every 15 cm of growth adds a diameter of 4 additional inches.

What should I focus on?

First of all, the bicycle must be very stable. Maximum meet these requirements, of course, it is three-wheel models. The initial version is a low bicycle for the child.1 year requires just small models. How to choose exactly what you need?

At one and a half to three years old, the height of the baby is on the average 85-100 cm. In order to understand how to choose a bicycle for the child during this period, it will be necessary to arrange the apparatus between the legs of the standing crumb. Between the frame and the crotch should be at least 10 cm. Thanks to this distance, the kid can jump off the falling bicycle at any moment. In addition, the child should easily reach the middle of the foot to the pedals.

There are also three-wheeled bicycles with sinking seats. Such models will suit the child in the event that his socks to the pedals almost do not reach. Bicycles with a rising rudder and its inclination will allow the baby to maintain his posture. And, of course, this model will last about a year longer. Thus, parents will be able to monitor, control and manage their finances.

One more serious moment. An important role is played by the age at which parents buy a bicycle for a child.2 years or 1 year - in any case the steering wheel of the model should not be scrolled. The foot brakes should be very reliable and simple, but manual for small children are not installed, as they do not have enough power to control them.

Each bicycle must necessarily be equipped with a protective metal frame covering the chain. Thanks to this, the baby's clothes can not get stuck.

Do not forget that bicycles with rubber wheels develop a huge speed. Cope with her little baby is not able to. It turns out, for a one and a half-year-old or two-year-old child, it is preferable to choose models with plastic wheels( but they have a minus too - they are too loudly treading on asphalt).Although it is fair to say that they skate at that age, the rest sit quietly while they are being taken for the pusher-pushing device of the mother or father. But most children love this type of transport, especially if it is equipped with buttons, pishchalkami and cheerful lights.

It is important to choose light bicycles for young children. Kids should be very comfortable to manage them, and parents - without the strain of carrying them up and down the stairs at the entrance.

When going for a bicycle, it is advisable to take the child with them. The kid should choose the most attractive model for himself. Three-wheel bicycles, of course, do not differ much from each other, however each of them can be distinguished by an unusual unusual horn, headlights, front part design. To attract the attention of the child will also be an interesting bike keeper, in which the crumb will fold up all his toys.

bicycle for a child 3 years old But it's also important to remember that all children's treasure significantly increase the weight of bicycles. In a word, it is necessary to search together with the child for some kind of compromise.

Bicycles for preschool children - toddlers of the nursery group

To date, there is a huge number of children's three-wheeled vehicles. How to choose a bicycle for a child, not lost in a wide range of vehicles? In addition to the cost and design, it is necessary, as already mentioned, to understand the dimensions of the wheels.

For a more convenient orientation in a variety of models, it is best to draw an analogy with different groups in the kindergarten( nursery, junior, middle and senior).So, what should be a bicycle for a child?2 years of the baby fall during the visit to the nursery group. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to models with a 10-inch wheel size.

Many parents buy kids runovels. These vehicles allow children to learn to balance more quickly.

Three-wheeled bicycles give the child a great opportunity to learn how to steer, pedal, brake. However, do not forget that models equipped with handles are not designed for babies, but for their parents. On such cumbersome bicycles, learning how to drive yourself is quite difficult. Children get used to the fact that they go regardless of whether the pedals are spinning. Therefore, the process of mastering more adult models takes much longer.

bicycle for a child 2 years old The cost of three-wheeled bicycles is slightly larger than the runners( although there are exceptions).However, in any case, prices are absolutely affordable.

Bicycles for children of the younger group

As soon as the child grows up, he needs a new model. A bicycle for a child of 3 years must be equipped with twelve-inch wheels. It is best to pay attention to four-wheel models. They are fairly stable. Two additional wheels are adjusted so that the baby is as comfortable as possible. Such models are not much more expensive than those designed for the youngest.

Some manufacturers produce bicycles with fourteen-inch wheels. However, they are not in demand so often.

Children's bicycles for children of middle and older groups

Just a little older, baby, of course, feels uncomfortable, skating on the previously acquired model. A bicycle for a child of 4 years assumes a sixteen-inch diameter of the wheels. These models will be served until the release of the kindergarten.

Bicycle for a child of 5 years is much easier to pick up than for crumbs. Many modern models are similar to "adults".Only here they are executed in miniature. Universal, safe and easy-to-manage bicycles pleases both children and their parents. Although the high quality models of some well-known manufacturers and requires quite a lot of costs.

By the way, it is at the age of 4-5 years that additional wheels can be removed from the bicycle. Coordination of movements, dexterity and strength to develop begin just in this period.

Bicycles for young schoolchildren

In the first class you will need a new model. A bicycle for a child of 6 years will require twenty-inch wheels, hand brakes and a speed switch. These models look very impressive, while they are quite practical and economical. A bicycle for a child of 7 years old also does not have to be bought. Bought in 6 years, the vehicle will certainly last at least two years.

Bicycles for children of secondary school age

After 7-9 years, the child needs to stay on one of the models, the diameter of the wheels is twenty-four inches. The complete set of such apparatus fully corresponds to the level of an adult bicycle. There are a lot of such models, but functionality and quality - above all!

a bicycle for a child of 7 years

Protection and safety of young bicyclists

Many manufacturers of children's cycling transport took great care to ensure that the baby felt as comfortable as possible while riding, and most importantly - was completely safe.

When buying, you should pay attention to the protection of the chain, the winding of the steering wheel to avoid slipping hands, bolts and plugs. Well, and the parents' task is to teach the child safety on the roads. It is necessary to get used to this from the very first minutes of skiing.

The most important condition is the presence of a protective helmet. It should be chosen according to the volume of the head. Although there are models that allow you to adjust the size.

a bicycle for a child of 4 years If the child is riding at dusk, parents should always think about how to mark it on the roads. Reflectors on bicycles are not enough for too "animated" terrain. Accordingly, you need at least a rear and front beacons.

Well, if the child will move even along forest paths( of course, accompanied by his parents), the headlight must also be included in the bicycle kit.

For boys and girls

Modern models are also divided into bicycles for girls and boys. If in the construction between them there are no special differences( except for a slightly underestimated frame for young women of the fair sex), then color is their main distinctive feature.

Summing up all of the above, we can say that the purchase of a bicycle will be a great gift for any child. The most important thing is to correctly approach his choice, based on the interests of the baby, as well as the above requirements.

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