Italy in the palm of your hand, or How to drink limoncello

Those who visited Italy, certainly met her traditional drink. Very often in this country you can see a picture, when local residents with wine glasses in the hands gather by the company near the refrigerator for drinking limoncello. It is a liqueur, the history of which is covered with a veil of secrets and mysteries. Italians prepare it for many centuries, in each house there is a special recipe. Of course, hardly anyone will share it, but how to drink limoncello is not a secret for anyone.

how to drink limoncello

Strong lemon liquor

Limoncello is an alcoholic beverage( 30-45%), which is obtained by the method of infusing the fruit peel for alcohol for five days. The composition of this alcohol includes lemon peel, alcohol, sugar and water. There should not be any other components there. Simplicity in cooking makes it possible to make such a drink at home, but how to drink limoncello, not everyone knows, of course, if he is not Italian. It is for this reason that this type of alcohol is not in demand with us - we d

o not know all the subtleties of its drinking, so very often it seems to us tasteless. Let's consider in detail how to do it correctly.

What temperature should be a drink?

The Italians, gathering at the refrigerator with wine glasses, do this for a reason, because lemoncello is consumed only in cold form. Before serving, it is placed for several hours in a refrigerating chamber. However, it is not necessary to remove it in the freezer, especially if it is not possible to follow it continuously, since after defrosting it will deteriorate.

how to drink limonchello

The wineglass is also cooled, while it must be covered with a thin layer of ice. Most likely, they do all this in order to feel the whole taste of the alcoholic beverage, because it is warm and unappetizing. Before you drink limoncello, a glass for a few seconds turns counter-clockwise very carefully, so as not to spill the drink.

At what pace do they drink liquor?

After all done, it is recommended to take a small sip of alcohol and hold it for a few seconds in the mouth. After a sip is taken, the vapors need to be exhaled through the nose, because then you can feel the lemon aftertaste and heat, which will then spread slowly throughout the body.

It should be noted that this liqueur is not drunk at a glance, since in this case all its taste will not be felt, besides it can be quickly intoxicated. Drink a drink without hurrying up, but you need to have time to use it until it warms up. Otherwise the glass will need to be frozen again.

With what do they drink limoncello?

Normally lemon Italian liqueur is not snacked, but it can be served with berries and fruits, dark chocolate, nut candies, in general, all sweet desserts are perfect. I must say that limoncello is strong enough alcohol, so the snack should still be present, although Italians do not think so.

how to drink limoncello reviews

When is alcohol given?

Before drinking limoncello, you must eat, as this drink is served as a dessert alcohol, it is a classic digestive. This is due to the fact that this alcohol contains a large amount of sugar. If you drink it before eating, then immediately the appetite disappears. In many Italian houses, after a tasty and hearty meal, they consume a lemon liqueur prepared according to their own recipe. It helps to accelerate the metabolism and is a real storehouse of vitamin C. Therefore, many doctors even recommend it to their patients and tell in detail how to drink limoncello and when to do it. Some after dinner serve ice cream, liqueur-drenched.

Cocktails with the addition of limoncello

Lemon liqueur can be consumed both in pure form and mixing it with other drinks, making a cocktail. In the latter case, you can use proven recipes and make such cocktails that have gained popularity among young people. Since the lemon liqueur is multifaceted, a large number of different drinks can be combined with it. Let's consider some of the most popular options.

Cremoncello Cocktail

To prepare this drink, 30 ml of lemon liqueur are poured into the glass, 30 ml of cold cream are placed on top of it. How to drink limoncello with cream? This cocktail is used as an ice cream, which has an alcoholic tinge. You can drink it through a straw. Cocktail "Mandarin Dawn"

how to drink limoncello cream

In the shaker pour twenty grams of white vermouth, fifty grams of tangerine juice and thirty grams of limoncello, everything is mixed and poured over glasses, previously filled with ice.

Youth cocktail "Skittles"

At the lemon cut off the top and take out all the flesh. In a shaker mix ice cubes, fifteen grams of honey syrup, forty grams of lemon liqueur, juice from one fourth of the lemon, two strawberries. Cocktail filtered through a sieve and poured into a previously prepared lemon. Drink a drink through a tube.

In addition to the classic liquor, there is also a limoncello cream liqueur. To make it, milk is used instead of water. The drink turns out to be softer. But in that case, how to drink limoncello( cream)?Just like the classic option - after eating and chilled. You can water them with ice cream or add it to the baking cream.

Now we know how to drink limoncello. Reviews of many fans of this drink are good, because it has an excellent taste and contains many vitamins. If you do not want to make cocktails, you can mix this alcohol with different juices. In this case, orange juice is very suitable. The proportion here is respected one to one.

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