Instant coffee - an invigorating drink for everyone

Historical background

People have been using coffee drink for a long time. How this exotic drink once gradually conquered the whole world has written a lot of scientific materials and works of art. According to some authoritative sources, coffee was first used in Ethiopia. Then, thanks to merchants and wandering monks, he began to spread to different countries and continents. Instant coffee appeared relatively recently, a little over a hundred years ago. The need for this form of product arose due to the fact that in its natural form it was poorly stored and quickly deteriorated.

Instant coffee Motivating causes of

The modern consumer knows perfectly well that the best coffee is grown in Brazil. It is in this country that the climate is most suitable for the growth and maturation of coffee beans. It so happened that US citizens became regular consumers of this product. On their needs and oriented manufacturers. However, during the Great Crisis, Americans began to economize literally on everyt

hing. Including drinking less coffee. And the Brazilians had to solve the problem of preserving and preserving the surplus. Then, in 1938, instant coffee began to be produced on an industrial scale.

Which instant coffee is better Production technology

It should be noted that instant coffee is produced using sophisticated equipment. After threshing coffee berries are clean grain. At this redistribution, the output of finished products is 20%.Of the hundred kilograms of berries, twenty kilograms of grains are obtained. Then these grains are fried, crushed and cooked for a certain time under high pressure - 15 atmospheres. As a result of this treatment, all soluble substances become liquid. The resulting extract is cooled, filtered and evaporated. Of course, part of the aromatic substances in the process of volatilization.

Best instant coffee Types of instant coffee

In process units, there are units that capture evaporated substances and concentrate them in a specific place. At the final stage of production, instant coffee is flavored with these trapped substances. As a result of this treatment, a concentrate of three kinds is obtained. Today, each of them can be seen on the shelves in supermarkets. The first type is powder. The second one is in the form of granules. The third - sublimated in the form of crystals with clear edges. Asking which soluble coffee is best, many amateurs choose exactly by external parameters.

Instant coffee The Benefits and Harms of

The rhythm of modern life is excessively high. And it is very important to have the opportunity to cook and have a cup of coffee in a matter of minutes. It should be noted that the best instant coffee contains almost all the ingredients that are present in the natural product. It is also important to remember that excessive consumption of this drink can cause serious damage to health. In all, as they say, there must be a measure.

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