From many diseases will rescue Valerian officinalis

General Information

Valerian officinalis is a perennial plant that is very popular in our country. Translation from the Latin language: "valere" - "to be healthy", "officinalis" - "pharmacy".In height, it can reach more than 1.5 m. For medicines, roots and rhizomes are used. Collect them in the fall, when the plant withers. At this time, valerian contains the most useful substances. In Russia there are about 30 species of this medicinal plant. Interestingly, it is used not only in folklore, but also in scientific medicine. By the way, Valerian( Emperor of Rome) has nothing to do with this beautiful plant. Valerian officinalis

How to grow

The earth needs to be treated, as it is for all crops. Valerian can be sown in early spring, summer and late winter. Between the rows should be a distance of about 45 cm, and the depth of the pit should be no more than 2 cm. When valerian grows, it is very easy to take care of it. If you plan to harvest the roots for use, then in the second year of flowering, you n

eed to do the cutting. Remove peduncles 2 times at a height of 15 cm from the ground.

How to assemble

After digging up the roots, they must be shaken off the ground and washed in running water. Next, they should be put together about 15 cm to make them wilted( no more than 3 days).The next step is to spread the roots in the shade and dry for a long time. valerian emperor

How useful

Valerian is a medicinal plant - these are several varieties of plants that are similar in chemical composition and act equally on the human body. The roots contain essential oil, which is then used for treatment. On the valerian body the therapeutic effect is complex:

- reduces the excitability of the central nervous system;

- improves blood circulation of the brain;

- improves heart function;

- acts on the myocardium, the conduction and central nervous system;

- relieves spasm.

In which preparations is included

Valerian officinalis is a part of the following preparations: Valocordinum, Cardiolenol, and also some charges. You can buy drops and valerian pills that will help you calm down in stressful situations. There are pills, which are called "Valerian evening".This remedy will help to calm down and fall asleep during prolonged stresses. But remember that before using any medications, you need to consult a doctor. valerian evening

Valerian officinalis

For this we need the roots of valerian - 10 g. Pour boiling water( 20 ml) and insist for 2 hours. Take this medication is recommended for 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day. For broth you need 10 roots of valerian, whose length is not more than 3 mm. Grind them and pour water at room temperature( approximately 300 ml).Boil for 15 minutes.and then cool. Take it half an hour before meals 3 times a day for half a cup. If tincture on alcohol, then adults can take 3 times a day for 15 drops, and for children, their number coincides with the age of the child.

Valerian drug is not recommended. ..

If you have chronic enterocolitis, there is a threat of a stroke or a heart attack. You should not take it in the first months of pregnancy, and in the event that you have an individual intolerance. And the last: it is not recommended to use valerian for more than 2 weeks.

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