Recipes of cakes with kiwi. The fruit is used as an ornament

The popularity of many exotic fruits has recently increased. Until recently, pineapples, avocados, mangoes or kiwis were not so common for us. The last of the mentioned overseas fruits became widely used in decorating various confectionery products and desserts. And all because of its extraordinary freshness and bright color. In addition, kiwi fruit is very useful. Therefore, it makes all sorts of light meals, which can include other, no less delicious and colorful components. An example is a fruit salad with kiwi, strawberries, bananas and citrus fruits. Try to cook the original pastries, decorating it with fresh green circles - you will certainly deserve praise from relatives and friends! We offer several recipes for cakes with kiwi fruit. Colorful pieces can cover both the top and sides of the confectionery.

kiwi fruit

Curd cake with kiwi and bananas

This batch can be safely called a curd dessert. Because it is based on a gentle mass of cottage cheese, whipped cream and fruit jelly. The

cake does not require baking, except for biscuit cakes. To cook them you need six eggs, a glass of sugar and a glass of flour. Ingredients beat in a lush, homogeneous mass and bake a biscuit. The cooled cake is cut horizontally into two equal parts. A split form for baking cakes is laid with food film. Now the most interesting moment is the formation of a culinary masterpiece. A thin biscuit cake is laid on the bottom of the container. The side walls are lined with peeled kiwi( it is recommended to cut the fruit with plates).The next step is filling in the form of curd-jelly mass, which is prepared as follows:

  • soak 30 g of gelatin in 100 g of water and leave for thirty minutes;
  • peel five kiwis, cut, mix with a glass of sugar and cook for two minutes;
  • in the hot fruit mass, add the swollen gelatin and mix until completely dissolved;
  • 500 g cottage cheese whisk with a mixer with a glass of sugar;
  • mix the curd and gelatin mass;
  • a glass of cooled fat cream whisk until thick and put into the resulting mixture, gently mix;
  • fill the mold with curd-cream mixture and put in the refrigerator for freezing.

After 2-3 hours, cover the dessert with the remaining biscuit cake. Form accurately turn over on a wide dish and gently open so as not to damage the cake. Remove the film, top and sides of the product with any suitable cream, sprinkle with coconut shavings and decorate with fresh fruit.

fruit salad with kiwi

Sand puff cake

Softened margarine is cut with a knife with flour, mixed with sugar and soda. Half a loose "crumb" pours out on a deep baking tray or into a mold. On top of the kiwi fruit is laid out - the fruit should be ripe, but not overripe. Everything is covered with a second layer of shortcake. The final stage of preparation for baking is laying out thinly sliced ​​kiwi. The cooking time in the oven is thirty minutes. After baking, the cake should be cooled and then cut.

cake with kiwi and bananas

Jelly cake with kiwi

Any cakes impregnated with cream can serve as the bottom layer of this confection. The most delicate and delicious is a cake made from biscuit and a custard cream. In the detachable form, put a biscuit cake, plentifully grease it with cream. Then lay out the kiwi cut into thin circles - the fruit must be sweet - so that a decent fruit layer turns out, then apply the cream, and from above place the remaining biscuit. The top of the cake should be completely covered with kiwi slices and pour the jelly - the usual packaged or special, intended for filling confectionery. After the dessert is completely frozen, the mold is removed. Serve your masterpiece completely chilled.

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