What is the most useful porridge? Useful porridge for breakfast - examples

All of us since the childhood know, that porridges very positively influence a human body. Always parents told us that this product must be present in our diet. Is it really necessary? And which cereal is the most useful? Let's talk about this and the properties of each of them in this article. what porridge is the most useful

Features of various porridges

Speaking about which porridge is the most useful, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of each of them in order to find out all the same. First, let's talk about the positive effects on the body of all of them in general. The use of porridge lies in the fact that it contains fiber. This is important for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Fiber improves digestion and intestinal tone, prevents malfunctions associated with its work. Also, this substance is able to slightly lower the level of glucose in the blood, so the use of products with its content is recommended for diabetics. This, perhaps, is the most important common feature. Now let's talk a

bout each of the cereals separately, trying to still answer the question about which cereal is the most useful. At the very beginning, you can immediately remember the buckwheat.

What is the use of buckwheat porridge?

First of all the fact that in it, as in all others, there is fiber. What is useful buckwheat porridge, other than this? Its use positively affects the work of the pancreas, clears the liver. In it, there are many iron salts, respectively, it raises hemoglobin. Also in it there are vitamins: B2, E, B1, PP.It is low-calorie, its energy value is 313 kcal per 100 g of product. In this amount, 12 g of proteins, 62 g of carbohydrates and 3 g of fats are present. In addition, buckwheat porridge has such microelements as iodine, copper, phosphorus. In its composition are also essential amino acids( those that the body does not produce independently).

The use of buckwheat helps to cleanse the body of radioactive substances. It is also shown to people who have such diseases as hypertension, diabetes, obesity and atherosclerosis. Still buckwheat porridge normalizes the work of the heart and blood vessels, and also promotes the growth of children( due to the high content of amino acids and phosphorus).If you ask dieticians the question of which cereal is the most useful, then many of them would say that this is buckwheat. than useful buckwheat porridge


This is also a popular porridge. Many people prefer to eat it for breakfast. What is useful oatmeal? First of all, it contains a huge number of different trace elements, such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron. Slightly less zinc and silicon in it. There are also Vitamins, among them B2, B1, E, PP.The calorie content of this cereal, if prepared on water, will be 88 kcal per 100 g. It is also useful because it contains phospholipids, which are necessary as a building material for the plasma membrane of the animal cell.

Oatmeal helps to cleanse the intestines, which is especially important for those who lose weight. In addition, it helps in the fight against cardiovascular diseases and reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the blood. Another oatmeal perfectly cleanses the body of heavy metals and their salts. But despite all the benefits, many do not use this mess as the main dish for breakfast, because it, in their opinion, is not delicious enough. But this can be corrected by adding any fruits or berries to it, - so it will be even more useful. than useful oatmeal porridge


It is also very useful. In it there is also vitamin D, and a lot of amino acids, and carotene, and a variety of trace elements( fluoride, iron, silicon, copper, manganese, magnesium).It is indicated for diseases of the heart and blood vessels. It is also recommended to use it while taking antibiotics - it effectively cleanses the body of them. Also, it is able to rid it of other toxins.

What is useful for semolina porridge?

Let's start with the fact that it can be useful only for an adult organism, it is not recommended to give it to children at all. This is due to the fact that it contains gliadin, which, getting into the child's body, interferes with the absorption of calcium, iron, vitamin D. But for adults, whose gastrointestinal tract is already fully formed, the semolina can be useful in some way. And first of all, because it is an excellent dietary product - its caloric value( if prepared on water) is only 80 kcal per 100 g. In a way, a very low protein content is also a positive property of it.

In this regard, semolina can serve as one of the main products in the diet for people who suffer from kidney failure or chronic pyelonephritis, since they are contraindicated foods that are too saturated with protein. Also, because of its lightness and low calorie, it is used as the main dish in the diet with exhaustion, rehabilitation after prolonged starvation.


This is another of the most useful groats. rice porridge on milk She, like everyone else, has a low calorie content. The energy value of rice cooked on water is 78 kcal per 100 g. Rice porridge on milk, naturally, is slightly caloric - 97 kcal per 100 g. You can distinguish white and brown rice. The second is slightly more useful than the first - it cleans the body of toxins better. White rice also has the property of removing salt from the body. Also, rice porridge helps to fight against diseases of the digestive system, primarily with gastritis. In addition, it serves as a preventive measure against cancer. It contains many B vitamins( 1, 2, 3, 6), due to this it strengthens the nervous system, improves metabolism.

Lentil porridge

Plants from whose fruits it is prepared belong to the family of legumes, rather than grasses, like most croups. Therefore, lentils have a high concentration of proteins, which is very useful for the body. Also, it contains a lot of fiber, B vitamins, phosphorus, iron, folic acid. It favorably affects the metabolism, and also strengthens the organs of the genitourinary system. In addition, lentil gruel effectively improves the digestive system. In 100 g of this product contains 111 calories, so it can also be called dietary.


It also has many positive properties. First of all, this high content of phosphorus - twice as much as in all other porridges! This is the reason why the pearl bar strengthens the musculoskeletal system and is indispensable for growing children and people involved in sports. It also has hypoallergenic properties. useful porridge for breakfast

Corn porridge

In its composition are quite rare for porridge microelements - fluorine and chlorine. Due to this, it has the property of strengthening teeth. In addition, this product increases the general tone of the body, invigorates and gives strength for the whole day. Despite the fact that this is one of the most calorie cereals, it is easily absorbed by the body, with its digestion there is never any difficulty. In addition, it can not cause allergies, so it is recommended to introduce into the diet of people prone to this phenomenon. It is also recommended to people who suffer from obesity.


It has a set of B vitamins, and there are more of them than in all the other porridges. Also, it is able to excrete carcinogens from the body and contains substances that prevent the onset of cancer. It stimulates metabolism, so it can be recommended to those who play sports or want to lose weight. than useful semolina porridge


It, like other cereals, has a high concentration of fiber, so it cleans the body of unnecessary and harmful substances.

When is the best place to eat porridge?

You already know about the properties of various cereals, and it is quite logical to answer the question about what time of day they are better. And it's most appropriate to do this in the morning. Useful breakfast cereals will help you maintain the body in tone and give a charge for the whole day. use of porridge Kasha is the best dish for a morning meal. After all, breakfast should be both light and nutritious, and rich in useful substances, such as trace elements, vitamins, organic acids. The so-called slow carbohydrates are also contained in the porridges - they take more time to digest the body, so you will not want to eat longer, and before dinner you will not feel hungry, you can calmly think about work or study, and not about when it is finallyYou can eat. Also, this kind of food is easy to prepare, which is important for a modern breakfast. But porridge as a supper can cause insomnia, as for its digestion the body needs more time. Therefore, at night it is not recommended.

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