How to catch a mole? Fighting moles. Mole Traps

The appearance of a mole on a site on which various ornamental plantings and vegetables grow can bring a lot of trouble to the owners. This animal is annoyed by the fact that it tears the earth. In this case, the mole can significantly damage the roots of plants. It is natural that in this way the amount of crop can be significantly reduced. In order to prevent this, you should know how to catch a mole on the site. how to catch a mole

General information

In fact, the mole is an inoffensive animal. His appearance is a bit like that of a rat. Moles live exclusively underground. It should be taken into account that they do not fall into winter hibernation. Young moles, in search of new housing and food, can move for quite a long distance - a few kilometers under the ground. Animals feed on:

  1. Beetles.
  2. Butterflies.
  3. Larvae.
  4. Worms. Mole trap for moles

Appearance of the pest

If the animal digs its moves on the site, then its owner should not be upset. In fact, nothing terrible has happened. And it is not necessary

to set traps for moles at once. In the appearance of the animal there are even positive moments. For example, the drainage capacity of the soil and its aeration are improved. In addition, it is known that in soft soil plants grow much better. However, similar moves can cause trouble to the villagers. This is due to the fact that moles accidentally damage the roots of plants: trees, flowers and many other garden and garden crops. It's natural that none of the summer residents enjoy this situation. For this reason, gardeners are wondering: how to catch a mole? Although in reality in small numbers, animals benefit plants and soil.

Fighting Moles: Some Methods of

It is recommended to choose only humane methods. Their main goal is the peaceful expulsion of the animal from the site. Before you study the question of how to catch a mole, you should try the following methods. These methods help prevent re-entry of the mole into the territory. The essence of such methods is the use of foul-smelling substances. For example, chemical or oil products. Also, self-made deterrents are often installed. Possible fencing or flooding of the site. The most humane way is planting of natural repellents. Further in the article the most effective methods will be considered in more detail.

Odorous liquids and substances

First of all, it is necessary to determine the path of the animal. Each fresh molehill needs to make a small hole. You can use a stick or a drill for this. You need to get to the horizontal gallery. There should be poured one glass of a special mixture. It is prepared from kerosene and fuel oil in the following ratio: 1 to 2. After that, the hole must be covered with earth, then trampled down. You can also put in the molehills the following:

  1. Makhorka.
  2. Tobacco.
  3. Chloric lime.
  4. The rotten fish.
  5. Pieces of mothball.
  6. Paklu, impregnated with tar or oil.

Because of the bad smell moles leave the territory. Initially, these measures will surprise the animal, and it will take some time. However, this does not exclude the possibility of the animal returning to its former sites.

Repelling devices

how to catch a mole on the hook

Since catching a mole is not always possible, you can use various devices that will help drive it out of the territory. There are many scaring devices. They help fight with shrews and moles. The simplest deterrent device is a spinner that is made of a plastic bottle. In order to make this device, you need a piece of water pipe. Also it is necessary to prepare a plastic bottle. The pieces of pipes must be clogged into the ground. At the same time, make sure that the lower end is lower than the mole's. A pin is inserted into the upper part of the pipe. Its optimal diameter is 8-10 mm. The pin is fixed in the center of the pipe. To do this, use a wooden plug. At the bottom of the bottle, a hole is burned. This is done using a metal pin. It is necessary to make slits on the bottle. They should be located along a solid line. On the contour, the plastic is bent. There must be exactly four bends. The bottle will rotate from any wind blow. In this case, the resonance of the hollow tube is noted, because of which noise will be created. It is established that moles are very afraid of it. The territory of up to 30 hectare is enough for about 10 such devices. how to make a trap for a mole


It is also manufactured using a plastic bottle. You can also put noisy turntables, vanes, equipped with propellers. On their axis they put cans on which stones are put. The pin must be inserted into the ground. When there is a whiff of wind, the propeller will move. As a result, the pebbles begin to growl. The sound is transmitted to the ground via a pin.

Bottle Trills

Their use is considered very effective. It is necessary to prepare an empty bottle. Best of all, if it comes from champagne. The bottle must be dug into the ground. You should choose for this an open purged place. It is necessary to dig the bottle strictly at an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the soil surface. When the wind will penetrate there, there will be "howl".These sounds scare the animals very much.

The old way

It can be called a "grandfather" method. He perfectly helps in the exile of moles from the site. You need to get a cane. The recommended length is up to 2 meters. Reeds need to be inserted into every hole that goes to the surface of the soil. At the top should stay about 80 cm. It is known that moles are blind animals. Nevertheless, their hearing is well developed. When the wind rises, the reeds begin to create sounds similar to the "walking" of air in the pipe. While it is not clear how, but it has an effect on animals. The effect is quite unexpected. The animals leave the site in about a week. Some elderly people say that this method is already about two centuries old.

how to catch a mole in the country

Disintegration of

repellents This method can be attributed to the natural means of combating moles. It is considered quite effective. This method is based on the planting of a particular plant species. Animals can not bear their smell. It should be noted that this method can not guarantee 100% success. It is less reliable than traps for moles or pesticides. However, this method is quite popular. Probably, because it brings a lot of pleasure. The thing is that you need to grow plants that are quite attractive. This option is suitable for those who do not expect to instantly get rid of the animals. It is worth taking into account the fact that the results will not be received very soon. It is established that moles can scare off some bulbous plants. For example, one of them is narcissus. Also widely used and other plants related to the classic vesennetsvetuschim. It's about the hazel grouse of the imperial and the Siberian glade.

Popular crops

Marigolds are a plant that has a rather sharp smell. It is widely used for joint planting. The essence of this lies in their ability to repel pests. Companions are also widely used. This is a vivid example of the organic method of fighting animals. Many gardeners choose this method. In addition, it is not necessary to be confined to ordinary marigolds. You can also use some exotic plants for these purposes. For example, castor oil or spurge kapersovy. One of these plants has long been known as a living repellent. It is also called "mole".It is a question of a milk powder каперсовом.This plant is one-year old. In doing so, it successfully replicates through self-seeding. The plant can boast of acrid juice, which probably scares animals away. It is very often grown as a decorative. Kleshchevina is an oil plant. Previously, it was used as a laxative. For some reason, castor oil is not very popular with moles. The fact is that its fruits are rather poisonous. It is not recommended to grow this plant on a site where there are often small children.

how to catch a mole on the site

How to make a trap for a mole?

There are many different ways to catch animals. Consider how to catch a mole "on the hook."First of all, it is necessary to excavate the mink. In the molehill, two hooks are required. You need to do this on both sides. It is recommended to take three-pointed hooks. They need to be connected by some kind of wire. Otherwise, the animal can drag them off. The animal crawls into the mink and clings to the hook.

"Quiet hunting"

mole control

This method was used a very long time ago. Workers of the Gatchina zoo resorted to it. Krotolovki were at their disposal not always. As a rule, a small number of moles live in nurseries and flower gardens. Therefore, the workers used the simplest method: they armed themselves with iron shovels. It was necessary to wait for the animal in the place where the moles were formed. Then they waited until the animal began to throw the earth out. Since it was rather difficult to catch a mole, it was necessary to act quickly. Workers, with the appearance of signs of movement in the burrows, sharply planted the shovel in the ground. It was necessary to do this across the course. Thus, the animal was thrown out. At present, this method has been improved.

"Pan" mole trap, assembled by

This method is one of the most effective. The principle of its operation is very simple. It is necessary to find the middle of a fresh mole move. It is necessary to dig a small saucepan below its level. Also a three-liter can fit perfectly. You can do without water, it is at the discretion of the owner. Best for these purposes is a special garden drill. Once the hole is ready, it must be covered with turf. It should be supported by two sticks. They folded crosswise on the ground under the pit. As a rule, small animals move very fast on their own way. Animals do not notice the danger and fall into traps for moles. They can not independently get out of there.

In conclusion

The above are the main recommendations for how to catch a mole at the dacha. However, it should be said that it is desirable to use humane methods. The made trap for moles by own hands should not do much harm to the animal. After the capture of the animal can be carried away from the site.

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