Likbez: how to transfer a child to another kindergarten

As soon as the young mother has to go to work, the baby should be identified in the kindergarten. In order to get to this institution, you will need to collect a lot of documents, pay a charitable contribution, and in the queue you need to get up right after birth. To get used to the new regime of the day, the collective and educators is not so simple, but sooner or later the baby learns.

how to transfer a child to another kindergarten Nevertheless, it also happens that the kindergarten has to be replaced. This can turn into a major trauma for the child's psyche, and for parents - a considerable paper red tape. Of course, adults need to know how to transfer a child to another kindergarten, if suddenly there is a need.

Reasons can be different

Each of us has a variety of situations that can affect certain circumstances. The same applies to transferring to another kindergarten. There can be many reasons. Someone moves to a new place of residence, someone does not like the caregivers, nutrition or methods of employment, as a result of which pa

rents start looking for the best kindergarten. Solve the issue of translation is not difficult.

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Voucher-direction and vacant seats

How to transfer a child to another kindergarten according to the current legislation? The main thing is a voucher-direction issued by a special commission on manning, and, of course, an empty seat in the institution chosen by the parents.

If there is a place in the kindergarten, it remains only to pick up the documents of the baby from the previous garden, collect them for a new one, write an application for acceptance.

Should I go through the medical board?

Sometimes a child has to re-pass a medical examination. Although most parents simply pick up from the previous kindergarten a personal file of the baby and take a pediatrician's certificate that the baby is healthy. Most importantly: all vaccinations must be made in accordance with the existing schedule, and the child during the transfer should not be ill. This is an important factor in the issue of how to transfer a child to another kindergarten.

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Required documents

So, the issue with the medical board has been resolved. What should parents do next? Of course, the transfer to another kindergarten will require a package of some documents - both originals and copies. The father or mother will need to provide a passport, a birth certificate for a baby, a certificate from a previous pre-school institution about his child's visit, documents confirming the ratio of crumbs to any preferential categories.

With these documents it is necessary to apply to the education department of the settlement where the child lives, in order to receive a referral to a new kindergarten. There, parents fill out the application form for the transfer, which will include the personal information of the child and adults, the address of residence and residence, as well as the reason for changing the place of preschool.

good private kindergarten The direction is given when there are empty seats in the garden. Otherwise, the baby is put in the queue, which parents are issued with a separate certificate. Valid this ticket for the duration specified in it.

As soon as the turn comes, it is necessary to write an application to the kindergarten that the child attended. It will need to specify the request for deduction in connection with the transfer. Such an address is addressed to the head of the kindergarten. There the name of the child, the date of his birth and the group number are also indicated. The application must be signed by the parents. By the way, the head of the kindergarten may require a certificate confirming the admission of the child to a new institution. Arrears in payment must be repaid, and receipts are provided to the accounts department. Further, the contract made at enrollment in a kindergarten is terminated.

After the new application for enrollment has been drawn up, you can send it to a new place with it and the entire package of documents. Thus, knowing exactly how to transfer a child to another kindergarten, parents save their energy and free time, because you just need to remember the procedure for the translation of the baby.

If suddenly there are problems. ..

It would seem that everything is very simple. .. Special laws clearly tell parents how to transfer the child to another garden. Although sometimes adults face and with some problems. For example, one's queue, it happens, has to wait a long time, since there are no concessionary points when transferring a child to another institution in federal legislation.

Therefore, in the statement made it is necessary to clearly explain the reason for the transfer, because first of all pay attention to the children whose parents have changed their place of work or residence. Toddlers changing preschools for no reason remain in the last places.

Out of turn, they can transfer to another family garden involved in the demolition and resettlement program from dilapidated and dilapidated housing.

Psychological aspect

However, in addition to paper formalities, there are other problems, quite serious. How to choose a kindergarten in the event that the crumb for one reason or another have to be translated? How not to hurt his psyche? This is much more important than collecting documents. Changing the usual situation, the group and educators, the child often begins to worry too much, worry, and nervous. Parents should make sure that the transfer to the new garden was very soft, smooth and absolutely non-traumatic.

transfer to another kindergarten In order to avoid excesses, it is necessary to prepare the baby in advance for communication with extraneous children and adults, to get acquainted with the new educators, telling them about all the features of crumbs and about the methods of punishment in case of disobedience. Leave the child from the very beginning until the evening is not worth it, even if a good private kindergarten is chosen. It is best to take it to lunch at least during the first week. And, of course, let the little one take with him his favorite toy as a "moral support."

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