How to prepare raspberries for winter? How to care for raspberries in autumn?

The raspberry, which has been traditionally grown in summer cottages, has already yielded a delicious and healthy berry. Winter is approaching, and gardeners are faced with the question of how to prepare raspberries for the winter. Proper preparation is the key to getting a good harvest in the future, so it's worth the trouble. Sure, you need to know how to care for raspberries in the fall. One of the most important stages of rejuvenation and increasing the productivity of raspberry bushes is their autumn pruning.

how to prepare raspberries for winter

Why should raspberries be cut?

Before we answer the question of how to prepare raspberries for the winter, we will determine the stages of the work. This pruning, feeding, removing leaves and bending stems. Pruning a bush has several purposes. First, all old, sick and unnecessary branches are removed. Secondly, competent pruning will help significantly increase the future harvest and survive the shoots of the coming cold. Thirdly, thinning bushes has a good effect on the quality of

berries, in well-groomed plantations they are much larger than on neglected areas. Preparation of raspberries for winter is carried out in September or early October. The timing of autumn work is important. Reducing the air temperature to negative values ​​will not allow to conduct all stages qualitatively, therefore, it is not worth waiting for stable colds.

Cutting technology: what you need to know

raspberry care in autumn pruning

Taking care of how to prepare raspberries for winter, remember that each stem must be cut to the root itself. Leave even small hemp impossible: they penetrate and multiply insect pests. Pruned two-year-old, have served their stems. Distinguish them simply - as a rule, they are dry and dark, stand out against the background of young, greenish shades, branches. Remove also broken, weak, sick, improperly growing shoots inside a youngster and young unnecessary shoots.

In a bush of raspberries after trimming, leave 5-7 strong, viable and healthy stems. When an ordinary planting for each meter of the length of the bed should not leave more than 10 shoots. Essential thinning of bushes is the best preparation of raspberries for the winter, ensuring a successful waiting of the cold.

We release raspberries from pests

When pruning, it is necessary to carefully inspect all shoots. Often pests winter and develop in the stems of raspberries. For example, spread in many regions of Russia crimson gall midges lay eggs in the stalk, causing him irreparable harm. Affected branches are well defined visually - on them there are characteristic swellings, rupturing the upper layer of the cortex. All cut stems should be burned. If this is not done, the pests will perfectly overwinter and re-settle in raspberries, significantly reducing the yield. how to prepare raspberries for winter

Double pruning

The double pruning of the bush promotes the yield of raspberries. This is a laborious, but effective technique. It consists in cutting in autumn and early spring on 20-25 cm of the tips of the stems, reaching a meter height. This method stimulates the development of lateral shoots, which, in turn, also branch, forming new lateral stems with flower buds. As a result, a fan of strong lateral branches forms on several main shoots, which not only increases the productivity of the bush, but also greatly simplifies the care of it and harvesting. With this method of growing raspberries, you should make large intervals between the bushes - 60-70 cm minimum. Preparing raspberries for winter with this method of growing is of great importance: you can not skip the autumn pruning. It should be noted that this method is not suitable for raspberry varieties. Gardeners, specializing in the cultivation of such species, recommend cutting the bushes for the winter completely.

How to prepare raspberries for winter?

Take care of competent wintering berry bushes in the summer. Carrying out the necessary fertilizing, one must adhere to the established norms and in no case overfeed raspberries. It is excessive fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers to reduce the frost resistance of the bush. A special role is played by the site where raspberries are grown. It should be well lit, sunlight makes the shoots strong enough and able to carry the winter. After pruning under the bushes, organic fertilizers( better humus) should be added and the soil layer should be digested. If the garden has been covered up, you need to remove the mulch - in winter it can have field mice.

preparation of raspberries for winter

Raspberry: autumn care

Pruning is the main, but not the only, step in preparing a bush for winter. Usually raspberries are quite hardy, but strong cold can destroy flower buds. To prevent this from happening, gardeners successfully apply such a method as bending shrubs to the ground. This is why this is done. The best cover for shrubs and trees has always been considered snow cover. Therefore, a bush of raspberries, located in close proximity to the ground, is covered with snow even before the arrival of strong frosts. The average height of the snow cover in the central strip of Russia reaches 50-60 cm, which means that the bush crouched at a distance less than half a meter from the earth will overwinter without loss.

It is important to remember that the raspberries should be bent down so that they are completely under the snow. It is impossible to admit that the stems remain above the snow cover, this is the most dangerous and cold zone, because near the snow the air temperature is the lowest. If raspberry bushes are planted on trellises, they are bent one to the next, fastening to the bottom wire or pegging with metal hooks to the ground. This should be done until stable negative mean daily temperatures have come. In such conditions, the stems become brittle, and they can not be bent without breaking them.

how to care for raspberries in autumn

Before bending the stems to the ground, it is necessary to remove foliage from them, as the remaining leaves become wet and begin to decay, which can be caused by kidney burns. To remove the foliage from the stem is simple: with a hand in the mitten, it is necessary to tightly clamp the shoot and hold it from the bottom up to the top. This will release the leaves and not break the flower buds.

That's all you need to know about how to prepare raspberries for the winter. It remains to wait for the winter and in the spring, as soon as the snow comes down, gently release the stems bent to the ground. You do not need to rush things, you should let the bushes straighten up, take the necessary shape yourself and after some time cut out the stems that could not survive the frost, sore or broke.