How to put a laminate on your own: practical advice

An increasing number of people in the repair of their homes prefer a high-quality coating such as laminate. In this case, many immediately think about how they will stack it. How to put a laminate with your own hands, saving a decent amount?

Advantages of laminate

How to lay a laminate with your own hands This flooring, unlike other materials, has its advantages, which include a democratic price and ease of installation. It also looks great in any interiors. Laminate pleasantly pleases and its wide range, allowing you to choose the one that best suits the rest of the situation in the room. Want to know how to put a laminate on your own? First you need to find out in which rooms you can use it. This flooring can not be placed in rooms with high humidity, as it absorbs moisture well. It is not suitable for bathroom and toilet.

How to lay laminate with your own hands

Thanks to its convenient design, this coating can be laid by almost everyone. At the same time, it is necessary to learn only the basics of doing this work, and then ever

ything will go like clockwork. It is necessary to know that it will be very difficult for one person, especially the inexperienced in construction matters, to lay the laminate himself. At least two people are required for this job.

How to put a laminate on the floor

Choose a laminate

To make your work as easy as possible, you need to choose the right flooring. On sale there are laminate boards, the thickness of which varies between 6-11 cm. Their length is 1-1.5 m. Typically, the width of standard boards is 20 cm. After buying a laminate it is kept indoors for several days. In this case, it adapts to the temperature and humidity in the room and takes the dimensions corresponding to these parameters.

Calculating the amount of laminate

When choosing a coating, you must accurately calculate the required amount. On sale is often found laminate, which is packaged in packs of 10 boards. This amount is enough to cover 2 square meters.m of the floor. If the room has the right square or rectangular shape, it will be enough to calculate the floor area and divide it by 2. So, for a room of 14 sq. M.m need 7 packs of laminate( 14: 2).Despite this simplicity of calculations, experts advise purchasing this material with a small margin, since in the absence of experience, any flaws are possible. So, for example, you can incorrectly cut or damage a board, so an extra laminate will always come in handy.

Substrate preparation

How to put a laminate on plywood

Before laying the laminate with your own hands, it is necessary to properly prepare the base on which it will be laid. On uneven floors, the boards will have a non-ideal surface, which affects not only the appearance of the laminate, but also the duration of its service. On a floor area of ​​2 m in length, a level difference of 2-3 mm is acceptable.

How to put a laminate on the floor of concrete? If it is flat, immediately after laying the substrate, you can start installing laminate boards. If the concrete floor has any bulges, swings or depressions, it is necessary to carry out its screed.

The wooden floor must be leveled with a grinder. If the boards are laid poorly, it is better to make a plywood flooring, which will not only be a good base for the laminate, but will also be an excellent heat and soundproof layer. It also does not allow the wooden floor to bend. How to put a laminate on plywood? The technology of laying such boards is the same for all types of bases.

Required tools

Like any construction work, laying laminate is not possible without the use of special tools and materials. They not only speed up the process, but also make it possible to make the flooring just perfect. The necessary tools include:

  • saw or electric jigsaw;
  • hammer;
  • Roulette;
  • wooden board for adjusting boards length of 15-20 cm;
  • pencil.

When selecting tools it is better to give preference to jigsaw, with which it is much easier to cut laminate. As a substrate under this flooring, foam polyethylene is most often used, which is sold in rolls.

Stacking technology

How to put a laminate

Laminate refers to those finishing materials that not only simply, but also quickly fit. The process is particularly accelerated after acquiring the experience of its installation. How to put a laminate on your own in a short time? To do this, you need to practice a little with the joining of the boards together. Laminate is a kind of constructor, all the elements of which are attached to each other on the principle of a comb-groove. In other words, all the boards are connected, creating a solid canvas. In this case, they must be tightly fitted to each other. It is for this purpose that a special bar and a hammer are used, which make it possible to make ideal connections of the boards.

laminate laying process Some women ask the question: "How do you put the laminate yourself?" They worry that they do not know how to properly start and carry out this work. Experts advise to make the stacking of boards perpendicular to the window. Such a trick allows you to make joints between them as inconspicuous as possible. You can start work from any corner of the room, but it's better to put the first strip from the wall opposite the window, because almost always on one side of the row you have to cut off a part of the board, adjusting it for the length of the wall.

Laying of the substrate

The substrate under the laminate conceals some defects in the base, is an absorbent layer, performs heat-insulating and sound-absorbing function. It can be foamed polyethylene, isolon, foil, expanded polystyrene, cork, composite.

It is very important to determine the question of how to put a substrate under the laminate. Some people, thinking that they make their work easier, lay it right around the perimeter of the room. At the same time in the future work it constantly hinders. Experts advise to lay the substrate gradually. First, it is laid along the wall, from which the stacking of planks begins. Gradually moving forward, add a substrate and immediately cover it with a laminate.

Fitting laminated boards

How to lay a laminate with your own hands

How to put the laminate properly? A huge role is played by the correct fit of the boards under each other. Each of them is attached to the other, forming a reliable connection. Laminate is laid in rows, and each of them must be fitted with a hammer and a wooden bar that is attached to the front side of the board. In order not to break the comb, the bar is not pressed against it, but on top of it. After this, the boards are adjusted by mildly tapping the hammer on the bar. If the impact is too strong, the laminate may be damaged. So, gradually laying out a series behind a series, all boards are urged.

When laying this flooring, it is necessary to place the boards correctly in relation to the floor. They are most easily inserted when they are positioned at an angle of 20 °.The board is tightly pressed to the previous one and gently pressed on top of it. In doing so, it must fit tightly into the groove of the other row.

Laying out the rows of

After spreading the first row, press it firmly against the wall, inserting small wedges( 1 cm) between the laminate and the wall. For this role, the trimming of the board itself is quite suitable. These wedges are necessary for obtaining a gap, which is necessary for a possible expansion of the laminate. At the final stage of work, it is closed with skirting boards.

After creating the first row, the second starts with a strip cut in the middle. The third row starts again with a whole board. So lay the entire laminate, so to speak, "in checkerboard order."In this case, not only its excellent appearance is achieved, but also the strength is increased. With this method of laying the laminate "does not walk."

This flooring can be laid not only by individual boards, but also by entire strips. They are formed immediately, and then combined with the previous one. In this case, efforts will need 2-3 people. This way of laying speeds up the work process, but it fits more experienced people in this matter.

Other options for laying

How to put a substrate under the laminate laminate Some people with non-standard thinking manage to use this material not for its intended purpose. They ask: "How to put a laminate on the wall?" The technology of its laying is the same as when placed on the floor. Since there will be no load on this coating, you can use the thinnest laminate for this. Substrate under it is not required.

There are 2 ways of installing the laminate on the wall: glue and frame. The first provides for special preparation of the walls. They are leveled with plasterboard or starting plaster, so that the irregularities do not exceed 1-2 mm. Fasten the laminate to the wall with liquid nails. In this case, the web( shields) for the wall are assembled before it is mounted on a wall. The ends of the boards are smeared with glue.

How to put a laminate on the floor

Laying of laminate in the frame version( on the crate) is carried out using the lock method. In this case, it is possible to use both liquid nails and fasteners used for the installation of MDF boards or panels. Collecting boards from laminated boards, they are connected by a lock fastening, and then processed by a sealant. Wall mounting is made for liquid nails. The rim( skeleton) is made of wooden slats, bars, guides of metal profiles. Panels are fastened to the crate with the help of special fasteners( kleymera).At the same time, if it interferes with the approach of the crest of the board in the groove of the previous one, the lock is trimmed.

Laying linoleum on laminate

It happens that the old flooring from the laminate is worn out, and there is no money to buy a new one. Some people find a good way out of this situation - the purchase of linoleum. This finishing material is much cheaper than other types of flooring, but it has an excellent appearance. How to put linoleum on a laminate? As a rule, such floors are flat enough to lay a new coating on them without preliminary preparation. The laying of linoleum is carried out in the same manner as when installing on other bases.