How to develop a child in 3 months? Child development in 3 months. Developmental toys for up to a year

The kid turned 3 months old. He is still so small, but already a great young man: and mother meets with a joyful smile, and carefully examines the rattle, and keeps the head with the perseverance of the discoverer - in general, every day creates a cause for parents for a new joy and new worries. At the heart of the question is: how to properly care for and develop the child in 3 months?

And it's not accidental - the development of the child in 3 months is sharply accelerated. The kid begins to behave more consciously. He already understands that he can see, hear and touch the surrounding space. Instincts fade into the background. Therefore, it is so important to know how to develop a child during this period.

The physiological tone gradually releases the limbs, and the baby's movements become smoother. The child learns to express his mood: relaxed and mild - when tired;sharp, active and energetic - if you do not like something. In the period from 2 months to 3, the baby is rapidly gaining weight( p

lus 700 grams) and grows by an average of 2 cm.

Little researcher

How to develop a child in 3 months

A three-month-old kid, like no one knows how to enjoy life - he recognizes familiar faces and does not forget to mark it with a smile, is able to give preferencefavorite toys( he looks at them more closely), realizes the movement of his pens and legs( he tries to catch them in his field of vision).The child is primarily interested in himself. Kroha makes every possible attempt to explore his body. He feels himself, pats, sometimes tweaks, can accidentally scratch.

And at the same time, the development is spasmodic. At the peak, he actively tries to interact with the world, at a recession he can take a pause for a while - remain indifferent to toys and Mom's embraces. But do not worry, recessions are necessary to achieve new heights.

Psychological Aspect of the Development

Three-month-old babies devote much time to reviewing their own pens. They squeeze and unclench their fingers, follow the movement, raise their arms over their heads and lower them, placing them along the body. The child begins to understand that these plump hands belong to him, and he can not only admire the wonderful wrinkles, but also get what he wants. The crumb is focused on touch - trying to touch everything in the reach. Children's educational toys become his faithful companions - he touches, keeps rattles, balls and ringlets for a long time, makes attempts to send the found in his mouth.

Many three-month-olds are able to establish a connection between what they see and hear. If you conduct an experiment and pound in the bell behind the back of a crumb, he will try to turn around to see where the sound comes from.

The child distinguishes between familiar sounds and alien sounds. Hearing an unfamiliar sound, it ceases and temporarily stops moving. If nothing terrible happens, the baby wakes up interest, and he is looking for a source of new sensations. Kroha remembers the melodies of the phone call, the sound of my mother's steps and even the scraping of the key in the keyhole.

The kid not only feels, but also irones surrounding objects. He studies the surface: smooth - rough, hard - soft, furry - prickly. It is not difficult to see that he likes everything pleasant to the touch, but everything is interesting.

These simple movements allow you to concentrate on objects, develop coordination, strengthen the muscles of the fingers and the handle as a whole. Thus, the crumb accumulates the necessary knowledge about the world around it.

Physiological aspect of development

The sucking reflex is maximally activated. The child sucks everything that gets into the mouth, whether it's a toy, a diaper or a finger. In this case, the crumb already distinguishes interest from hunger. So, full-on he is happy to engage in a pacifier, but, feeling the signs of an empty tummy, immediately spits it out.

The kid changes his behavior at my mother's breast. Feeling hungry, he begins to turn his head, trying to find the nipple's gaze, and then grab his lips by himself.

In 3 months children can fully control the movement of the head. Being in the hands of adults, they are well held and slightly turn it from side to side. In the prone position, children make attempts to bend their knees - the first signs of a new skill - crawling. Toddlers flip from back to tummy and back uncertainly.

Features of care

child development in 3 months The first and basic care is hygiene.

  1. Daily washing with a cotton pad soaked in warm boiled water, helps prevent conjunctivitis and various forms of dermatitis. It is recommended to wash the eyes with separate tampons from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner.
  2. For hygiene of the nasal cavity it is necessary to use thin cotton flagellum, soaked in baby oil or in boiled water. For the ears should be used special cotton buds with a stop.
  3. You need daily bathing in warm water, at a temperature close to 37 degrees. In the children's bath it is desirable to add herbal decoctions from the flowers of chamomile and string. The latter have a disinfecting effect on the skin and reduce the manifestation of dermatitis.

The full development of a child in 3 months is impossible without a daily massage, but not necessarily professional.


If the baby consumes exclusively breast milk, then, if enough is eaten, it is possible to determine only by weighing. The daily norm of milk consumed is approximately 800 grams( this calculated value may vary depending on the weight of the child).Formula for calculation: the numerical value of the weight of the crumb divided by 6. Exceeding the norm for breastfeeding is not an alarming indicator, while malnutrition, on the contrary, is an occasion to consult a specialist.

Fodder and lure

How to develop a child

With a lack of breast milk, a pediatrician can recommend a dry mix as a supplement. If the baby needs it, do not give milk products( milk, kefir, cottage cheese), intended for children from 3 years of age. They contain bifidocultures and elements that the infant simply can not yet absorb. Acquire products, guided by the recommendations of experts in accordance with the labeling of the age on the package.

A child from birth is entitled to receive free meals in a dairy kitchen according to age. In order to take food there for free, you need to get a prescription from the district pediatrician.

If the child is on full artificial feeding, after reaching the age of three months, you can introduce complementary foods - a teaspoon of vegetable( as recommended by specialists) puree.

It is necessary and necessary to include vitamin D in nutrition. It is prescribed as a preventive measure for the prevention of rickets.

Day regimen

For the correct development of the baby you need to follow the regime. On average, a three-month-old baby sleeps almost a third of a day with little breaks in feeding and playing. In total, 6-7 feedings are obtained per day, in exceptional cases, more. It is advisable to organize long walks in the fresh air.


How much to walk with the child

It is important to understand that health and full development in many ways depend on how much you walk with the child. If the baby is breastfed, it is better to plan a walk on the sleep clock. In the cold season, experts recommend walking no more than an hour and a half for the approach. Do not go out with the baby on the street, if the temperature outside the window dropped below 10 degrees. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting an airway overcooling.

In summer, the child should be outdoors as long as possible. Pediatricians advise summer months to spend outside the city: and mom is more convenient, and the baby is more useful. So you will not think about how much to walk with the baby.

To put on crumbs is necessary for weather, but to protect from drafts. Infants, as well as adults, feel the heat and sweat if they are too warmly dressed. A child who has swallowed a child is risky getting out of a crib or stroller.

How to develop a child in 3 months during a walk? There are many options. It is possible to attach various educational toys for children to the stroller: pendant rattles, a musical toy. When the baby wakes up, he will be bored and useful to lie down in a stroller, and my mother will have time to run home until the child begins to cry.

How to develop a child in 3 months

Educational toys for children

A child at 3 months is extremely curious. He wants to touch and try everything, but his options are limited. Therefore, the main task of the mother is to provide the baby with the maximum range of sensations.

  1. It is advisable to purchase educational toys for up to a year, musical mobile phones, developing mats, frames and other devices. He will follow the toy carousels, listen to the melody and try to reach out to the details that interest him.
  2. All sorts of materials will be needed. Under the strict supervision of the mother, the baby can be offered not only toys, but also household utensils: various scraps of cloth, clothespins, buttons, laces, spoons, etc.
  3. Cuffs, socks, booties. It would seem that these are the most common items of the wardrobe, and how much they can give minutes of scrutiny! You can put the cuffs on both hands or just one. You can put on different or change places. And each time the child will study with interest the unusual thing on the already familiar pen or leg.
  4. Classes on the development of auditory perception. Songs, jokes, poems and, most importantly, imitation of the baby's sounds. Of course, the little one still does not understand words or meaning. But he will catch the intonation and enjoy the sound of my mother's voice.
  5. The simplest exercise. Legs bicycling, grasping hands swing - all this helps to strengthen the muscles of the baby.

Games for a baby at the age of 3 months

How to develop a child in 3 months with the help of games? With pleasure! A three-month-old child is able to concentrate on the subject for 3-5 minutes. This short period of time is enough to sing a little song, read a little potato or play a finger game. During the game, it is necessary to stimulate not only hearing, but also tactile, visual sensations: to massage fingers in the manner of "magpie-white-bears", play hands, maintain eye contact, pay attention to bright details during a walk.

Good for developing a card and a book with large colorful pictures. Each card or picture is a whole story: "Mishka is dressed in blue pants, the duckling has a red hat on his head."The baby will also show interesting books and soundtracks.

And although the child does not yet understand the meaning of the words uttered by his mother, he listens carefully to the voice and peers at the picture. Gradually depicted on her characters will be for the baby good acquaintances.

Developing toys must be selected in different shapes and sounds. Well, if one toy combines several different in form and tactile sensations of the elements.

Developing interest in

What to read to children under one year old

books It is important to instill love for books from early childhood. The kid needs not only to tell tales, but also to show the characters in the pictures. Thus, associative attachment to the depicted character is formed, and an unknown fairy-tale world will be associated with the book.

Children's books intended for reading to a child under the age of one year differ from others in that they have rounded pages made of cardboard. Just a few pages, but on each spread a large, bright and clear illustration.

So, what should children read for up to a year? It's good to start acquaintance with classical children's fairy-tales, such as "Repka", "Kolobok", "Teremok", "Zaykin's hut", "Ryoka Chicken".First, the main characters go from book to book, and secondly, the texts of these books contain many repetitions of the same action. Subsequently, the child will easily remember the story and most show the pictures of those or other characters.

Developing cards

Specialists agree that it is possible to develop a baby from the first days of life, the main thing is to choose the right auxiliary materials.

So how to develop a child in 3 months with the help of cards? Developing cards are suitable for games with a three-month old and older. Several sets of various subjects( preferably easily recognizable in the environment - toys, food, transportation, animals) will become faithful companions and assistants in the development of the child for up to a year.

Developing cards for children can be bought or manufactured independently. There are both sets of cards on a specific subject, and whole collections, presented in a book cover. Well, if the cards are made of solid cardboard or laminated. It is important that the edges are rounded and could not injure the baby.

Musical educational toys

Musical educational toys

A three-month-old kid can not yet fully use musical developing toys and books, but will gladly listen to melodies and fairy tales from the mouth of a soft bear or from book pages.

It is necessary to pay special attention to sound accompaniment and technical equipment of toys. Is the music too loud and sharp? Will the child be frightened if he accidentally presses a button? Is the electronic part of the device safe? How safe are the batteries?

Many musical educational toys for children have on their body a lever to adjust the volume of sound. The battery compartment has a lid tightly attached to the body. For safety reasons, the cover is attached to the screw.

In general, child development is a painstaking work that can and should bring joy to parents. A huge number of all kinds of accessories, toys and didactic manuals on how to develop a child, help and introduce the world not only the baby, but also open new horizons for understanding their children to their parents. How much happiness delivers even the tiny successes of a very faint crumb! And how much happiness the mother feels, feeling that her child not only needs care, but also willingly communicates, plays and develops by leaps and bounds!