What can and can not be done during pregnancy?

Nine months in anticipation of the baby are accompanied by a host of signs and superstitions, prohibitions and prejudices. It is worthwhile to figure out what to do during pregnancy, and what does not pose any danger, so as not to limit yourself in everything. The main advice on this topic is also worth getting a doctor.

What can not be done during pregnancy What can not be done during pregnancy? Of course, pregnant women should not smoke. Harmful chemical compounds from the cigarette get into the woman's blood, and hence to the baby. Because of smoking mothers, babies have a lack of weight and growth, underdeveloped lungs or other organs and parts of the body, sudden death syndrome and brain disorders. Therefore, to throw a bad habit is recommended even before you become pregnant. Drinking alcohol is also extremely undesirable. Can I fly pregnant? Strong alcoholic drinks worsen the mental and physical condition of the baby, affect his nervous system and lead to various malformations. A little wine or a glass of quality beer once a month will not le
ad to such consequences, but in the first trimester and they will be superfluous. Of course, talking about the use of drugs, in general, to anything - this is strictly prohibited. Do not also drink too much coffee, although it is not necessary to completely abandon it. The list of prohibitions concerns also what products can be pregnant, and which - not. It is undesirable to eat fast food, as well as those products in which there are excess dyes and other additives. Do not eat fatty and spicy dishes, drink sweet fizzy drinks and just overeat. On this basic list of things that can not be done during pregnancy, ends. But there are several points that will be a good precaution. For example, you can not change the feline toilet itself - it can be fraught with toxoplasmosis. It is also not necessary to overexert itself so as not to provoke premature birth. Also, it is not very useful to visit a sauna or a sauna - dehydration, caused by overheating, can lead to miscarriage.

What can I do?

With what can not be done during pregnancy, everything is more or less clear. What can and can we do? It is very useful to include in your diet a special vitamin complex for pregnant women, there are more fresh vegetables and fruits, not forgetting about nuts, fish and meat. It will not be superfluous to at least a small daily walk, which will not only saturate the body with oxygen, but also help to fight with extra pounds. What foods can be pregnant? Attentively watch at this time for a status of a teeth - the big loading on an organism can affect them destructively. Do not harm the baby and use of cosmetics: a beautiful mother will feel more confident and happier that it will only benefit the child. In addition, special care for pregnant women will help to deal with stretch marks and deformities of the breast. The same purpose is pursued and special cotton underwear. Get plenty of rest and sleep. In general, overwork and nedosypat - exactly what you can not do during pregnancy, especially since after the appearance of the baby, this situation will be much more frequent. If you want to go on vacation, but you do not know whether you can fly pregnant, consult a doctor. A healthy woman with a normal pregnancy can not do any harm.

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