Do you know how to cook poached eggs?

Delicious delicious!

Poached eggs are an old classical French breakfast dish, wrapped in legends about the complexity of its preparation. Even the venerable cooks once shaking hands wrapped a dashing funnel in a saucepan, under the strict gaze of the teacher, confirming his skill. It was believed that the ability to prepare this dish raises the cook into the category of a specialist of the highest class. There were even invented special pots-paschitnitsy, which now disappeared into oblivion. Today the myth of the complexity of cooking this dish is safely destroyed, and the most deliciously gentle and light food can be prepared by any mistress. To do this, you just need to know how to cook poached eggs. Shall we try?

How to Cook Eggs


  1. Egg chicken - 6 pieces. Very fresh, a maximum of four days.
  2. Table vinegar - 1 tablespoon.
  3. Saucepan with high sides.
  4. Water - one and a half liters.
  5. Spoon the dining room.
  6. Spoon-noisy.
  7. Paper towel.

The process of cooking

Let's understand how to boil the poached eggs according to the classic recipe. Take a large enough pot( eggs require a place for cooking, otherwise they will stick together), pour water and put on fire. Wait for the liquid to boil and reduce the temperature. The liquid should be slightly boiling, but not bubbling. Add the necessary amount of vinegar. Using a tablespoon create a funnel on the surface, actively mixing the water. And, until the funnel has calmed down, break it and quickly pour the egg, keeping it at the very surface. Wait a few seconds for the squirrel to grasp, and then do the same with the rest of the eggs. Exactly after 4 minutes, use the spoon-noise extract the eggs. Press lightly on the egg to check the readiness. If the protein is dense, and the yolk inside is creamy( liquid), then the dish is ready. Rinse it in a bowl of cold water to rinse the vinegar. Then, while holding a paper towel, let it drain. Paste the poached eggs on a plate and serve to the table as soon as possible in order to fully experience their extremely tender and exciting taste.

How much time to cook eggs


As well as it is necessary, any gastronomic refinement does not do without small subtleties which make masterpieces from usual products. In how to cook poached eggs, there are also tricks:

  • keep a constant temperature not more than 80 degrees, do not allow water to boil and boil;
  • addition of salt turns the protein into ugly lumps;
  • try to pour the egg in such a way that it does not spread on the bottom in the form of eggs, but rather resembles a hard-boiled, but without shell;
  • how much time to cook poached eggs - depends on their size( from three to five minutes);
  • if during cooking you did not get a neat round shape, then with a sharp knife cut off the extra sprouts and rips;
  • stirring water during cooking will not allow the egg mass to boil to the bottom of the pan.

Alternative method of cooking

Modern housewives have long been looking for options for how to cook poached eggs easily and simply. And, of course, found. One of these options was the use of food film in cooking. In order not to bother with the correct form of the dish, lubricate a piece of food film with vegetable oil, unfold it in a tea cup and break the egg there. It remains only to tie the film in the form of a bag with a simple thread and lower it into boiling water. The subtleties are the same, but at the outlet you have the correct form of the dish, in addition, it does not have to be washed and dried. And you can cook this dish in the microwave. Egg in this case is broken into a cup of boiling water and immediately put in the oven at maximum power. This, of course, is not the classic poached eggs, but - as an option - they have a right to exist.

How to boil an hard-boiled egg

In conclusion

How to boil the hard-boiled egg - 5-6 minutes in boiling water - even children know. This will surprise no one. But poached eggs are a wonderful dish for a family breakfast, for a romantic dinner, and for a festive table. They are suitable for salads, side dishes, snacks. Having mastered the subtleties of cooking this dish, you can safely rank yourself as an extra-class chef!

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