Millet millet porridge with pumpkin

Porridge is one of the useful foods, tasty and very valuable in terms of energy. In many families there is a tradition to start your day with breakfast, which necessarily consists of this dish. But not always it is prepared from natural products and by "grandmother's" recipes. Often used packaged ready-mix, which is enough to pour boiling water. But is it comparable with them aromatic buckwheat, rich rice or crumbly millet porridge? In fact, the ground concentrates do not have real taste of natural dishes. Therefore, it is worth thinking about the benefits of "quick" semi-finished products. Maybe it's better to spend an extra half hour to make a tasty and healthy breakfast for your family? Let the first such natural dish become, for example, cereal porridge. In this article, we will describe how it prepares with a pumpkin on milk. This recipe in cooking is considered classic. And also below are tips on how to cook millet cereal crumbly. Surely you will like to eat right, and this dish will appear on

your table more often.

millet porridge

Secrets, how to prepare crumbly millet porridge

1. The first rule. Each grain has a notch in which dust and oils settle. It is because of them that the porridge turns out to be glued together. Therefore, be sure to chop the croup before boiling with boiling water. You can also boil millet for 2-3 seconds, then drain onto a sieve and rinse with running cold water.

2. The second rule. Observe the ratio: two cups of water are taken on one part of the cereal.

3. The third rule. The cooking time is ten minutes. Do not close the cover.

4. The fourth rule. To achieve friability, put butter over the porridge, spread evenly over the entire area in small pieces, close the lid and leave for half an hour.

Pumpkin millet porridge on milk

After simple crumbly porridge this dish is on the second place. In addition, it is considered dietary due to the main components - millet and pumpkin. It turns out that even in ancient China, this porridge was very valued for its useful properties. Millet is called "golden croup", and orange pumpkin is a fount of wisdom and strength. It is believed that the dish migrated to us from the East. Ways, how to prepare millet porridge with pumpkin, a lot. One of the interesting options is to use as utensils for baking whole pumpkin. From it is extracted the flesh with bones, and inside all the ingredients are poured. This languid dish in the oven or Russian oven is truly divine. But not everyone has the opportunity to apply the recipe in practice, so we describe the usual way of cooking millet millet porridge with pumpkin.


  1. Pumpkin pulp( 500 g) cut into small cubes and cook in milk( two glasses).how to cook millet porridge
  2. Approximately 30 minutes later the millet is poured into millet( one glass).It must first be washed first in cold water, then in hot water. This method removes the bitterness of cereals. Brewed millet porridge( with stirring) for another 10 minutes. crumbly millet
  3. At the end of cooking, put butter( two tablespoons), a pinch of salt and two tablespoons of sugar( if desired).
  4. Even after a full softening of cereals, the porridge must "puff".Wrap it for half an hour. millet porridge
  5. You can complement the dish with dried apricots, prunes, honey, raisins or jam. Eat for health!
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