The drug "Dopegit" during pregnancy: composition and dosage

In pregnant women, problems with blood circulation and blood vessels are not uncommon. With the development of the fetus, the placenta grows, the uterus grows, more capillaries appear. Due to this in the body the total length of the vessels increases, which on the heart gives an additional load. In this situation, changes in blood pressure are almost inevitable, so many future mothers suffer from hypertension. In order to overcome this problem, one has to resort to the help of medications. But as is known, not all medicines are allowed during pregnancy.

dopegit during pregnancy Action

The drug "Dopegit" in pregnancy is used to effectively and safely reduce blood pressure by reducing the minute turnover of blood and the frequency of heart contractions. In addition, it lowers the overall resistance of blood vessels. On sale the drug appeared in the early 1960s and soon began to be actively used to lower the pressure during pregnancy. Specificity of the drug is such that the active substance gives the maximum effe

ct in 2-4 hours after administration. The positive effect lasts for 1-2 days.

Special instructions

The drug "Dopegit" during pregnancy is used for strict indications. During the treatment, control over the picture of peripheral blood and liver function is required. This medicine is prescribed by doctors for those women who suffer from hypertension, as well as for a simultaneous lowering of pressure. But before using Dopegit during pregnancy, you should consult your doctor, even though the drug is considered completely safe. It should be noted that no matter how harmless the medicine may be, it is unacceptable to take it without consulting a medical professional.

dopegit instruction


In addition to the active substance( alpha-methyldopa), the preparation contains acetylcellulose, magnesium stearate, starch, talc, stearic acid.


The drug "Dopegit" during pregnancy is dosed by the attending physician, depending on the characteristics of the woman's organism and the state of the child. The maximum daily dose of the drug is 2 g. Sometimes it is prescribed together with medications similar to it, but in this case the dose will be small, about 0.5 g. After the maximum effect and stable condition of the patient is noted, the dosage gradually decreases.

dopegit during pregnancy Preparation "Dopegit": instruction

As practice shows, the use of this drug is allowed on strict indications in the second and third trimester. It is rarely used in the first 12 weeks, but still such cases are known. The drug "Dopegit" during pregnancy allows you to lower blood pressure by 5-20%.If the future mother has hypertension not too pronounced, then this effect will be enough. Otherwise, it is taken simultaneously with drugs of a similar effect. The main value of the drug is a fairly effective and gentle action. With it, you can fully control the pressure throughout the entire pregnancy.