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Do you know how to cook the hash correctly? Hardly. If you, of course, are not a regular Armenian cook.

The legend of the emergence of this dish

Once upon a time, one of the richest shah loved to eat different delicacies, especially from veal. I could not live without them! And a regular shepherd brought the fresh meat to the table. hash recipe As a token of gratitude, the front legs and head were given to him. Do you think they can not cook anything delicious? You are mistaken. Smart wife of the shepherd came up with her own dish - soup khash. Shepherd and all his friends really enjoyed it. So the soup spread all over the world.

The first

khash recipe You need a kilogram of calf( beef) legs, half a kilogram, a pair of garlic heads, one small radish and greens( eg basil or tarragon).

How to cook a khash

First how to scorch the beef legs. Scrape them and rinse thoroughly in cold running water. Cut the legs into small pieces and soak for the whole day. If you poured boiled wate

r, then you do not have to change it, but you should change the tap water every three hours.

how to cook hash What to do next day

This recipe for hash is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. After all, his complete cooking takes a few days. So, it's time to get beef legs. Wash them thoroughly and place in a saucepan. Fill with water so that it covers the legs by fifteen centimeters. Put the future hash on the fire. You do not need to add salt! Cook should be followed by a boiling, so if the water only gently gurgles, add fire. Do not forget to remove the pop up fat and foam in time. They can spoil the taste of the resulting dish.

Further steps in the preparation of

Leave the legs to boil. And while they are cooking, take a scar, clean it and wash it. Place it in another saucepan, pour it over with water and start cooking. Specific smell of the product disappeared? You can take out the scar! The broth will not be needed any more, it is safely drained. As for the boiled cicatrix, it must be cut into pieces and dropped into a saucepan, in which beef legs are soared. When the meat begins to easily separate from the bones, reduce the heat, and after a couple of minutes and completely turn it off and remove the pan from the plate. Pour in the fat that you took off the soup for all this time, back( only fat, without foam!).That's all. The dish is ready for use. Did you notice that this recipe of hash does not imply the addition of salt in the cooking process? However, it is customary to put salt next to the plate already on the dinner table. The shredded garlic, radish or Armenian lavash will help to assort the khash.


how to cook hash khash recipe One kilogram of rumen, a little less than a kilogram of beef legs, a pound of rennet, a garlic head, a hundred grams of kidney fat, Georgian bread, half a glass of milk, water and salt will be needed.


Put lard over the meat grinder into a saucepan, and from above place the cut legs and scars with the abomasum. Put it out in your own juice, and then pour in two liters of water. Cook for about six hours. Twenty minutes before the readiness to take out all the bones and add to the soup bread, soaked in milk. Next to a plate of hot hash, put the garlic, and put salt shaker.

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