Pancakes with sour milk for breakfast

Pancakes on sour milk

pancakes with sour milk

We need

Pollutra of yoghourt, a couple of eggs, two glasses of flour( or more, look at the consistency - like thick sour cream should be dough), a tablespoon of sugar, a quarter teaspoon of salt, powder for biscuits or sodaquench is not necessary), vegetable oil. You can bake pancakes on sour milk with additives - in the dough add apples, raisins and so on.

How to do

Eggs and a glass of milk, sugar, salt mix, add flour with soda, knead, adding the rest of the milk. Let stand, until the reaction of soda with acid and no more stir at all. Take a spoonful of dough from the edge and from above, very carefully and spread on a hot frying pan with vegetable oil. Pancakes in sour milk should not float in it - the oil should only cover the bottom with a thin layer. As necessary, add it from time to time - after the second or third tab, when the pan is not enough oil. Once the pancakes are browned around the edges, turn over. Do not put them too clo

sely - they are worse baked, and turn harder. Observe the temperature regime - fritters should be roasted inside and not burn outside. Serve them immediately on the table - with jam, condensed milk, honey or sour cream.

Pancakes on milk with yeast

pancakes with milk with yeast

What you need

Two tablespoons of sugar, a teaspoon of salt, half a liter of milk, half a glass of warm water, half a kilogram of flour, two teaspoons of dry yeast.

How to do it

Warm the warm milk in a bowl, put sugar and yeast there. Stir and wait until the yeast starts to bubble - about fifteen minutes. Add salt. Pour in all the flour and stir. Wait to rise - another half hour - and stir again. Now let the dough fits another hour. You can start frying. Choose a thicker frying pan, pour oil much more than on sausage pancakes on sour milk - yeast must be swimming! Lubricate the hands with vegetable oil as follows, grab the amount of dough in the hand and squeeze out of the fist equal portions: squeeze the ball, shift it to the other hand, then flatten it and send it directly to the frying pan. Fry on both sides in hot oil over medium heat. After frying we spread pancakes on a napkin - excess fat needs to be removed. Before serving, you can at least sprinkle sugar powder, though with jam or honey, watered. Fucking, not pancakes in sour milk!

Fluffy pancakes on milk

What you need

Pollitra milk, two eggs, two tablespoons of sugar, half a teaspoon of salt, one and a half to two glasses of flour, half a teaspoon of soda and lemon juice, vegetable oil.

How to do it

Beat the eggs with sugar, salt and half the flour. Squeeze the lemon juice into the resulting dough, mix it. The remaining flour is combined with soda and then added to the dough. Now mix thoroughly and leave for 15 minutes to soda "play" with lemon juice. The dough even changes its consistency, but it is not necessary to mix it under any circumstances, otherwise pancakes will lose their splendor. Frying pan with a small amount of vegetable oil. Spread a pint of fritters and fry from two sides. Turn over when the edges blush at the bottom. The frying pan should be hot enough, but not excessively. Adjust the temperature. Plant the pancakes so that there is a distance between them, otherwise the pair will have nowhere to go, and the bottom will be saturated with fat - in a word, be vigilant. Eat pancakes in sour milk( and fresh too) only hot. Bon Appetit!

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