Appetizing lavash with chicken

Have you ever tried pita bread with minced meat? Tasty, is not it? Of course, dough and meat rarely produce a repulsive impression on people. By the way, you can take not only beef or pork minced meat. Chicken is quite suitable, and pieces of poultry meat are harmoniously combined with lavash. So, let's try to combine pita bread with chicken. Below is the original roulette recipe from these ingredients.

Pita bread with chicken in a tender sour cream sauce

lavash roll with chicken To prepare this dish you will need two thin but dense Armenian pita bread, a large chicken breast( weighing about 600-700 grams), two onions, 200-300 grams of fatty sour cream, a little flour,water or broth, salt, pepper, a piece of butter and vegetable oil for frying.

Method of preparation

A roll of pita bread with chicken is prepared in several stages. First, it is necessary to finely chop the onion, after cleaning it from the husks. Fry the chopped onion on high heat, watering the frying pan with vegetable oil. After a few minu

tes, lower the heat. Do not forget to stir the onions. It will be ready when it becomes transparent and soft. At this time we take the chicken, we remove the skin from it. You also need to get rid of bones if you have not bought a fillet. With a sharp knife, carefully cut the meat into cubes or cubes. Roll lavash with chicken should turn out to be tender, so do not leave large pieces. Add the chicken to the prepared onions and add the fire again. The contents of the frying pan should be roasted until the meat is white.

The next steps in the preparation of

pita bread with minced meat Put the flour in the pan, mix everything well. Then pour in hot water and add the sour cream. Add salt and pepper to the mixture. Mix again. Make sure that the sour cream is distributed evenly. Now reduce the fire again, cover the frying pan with a lid and leave to stew for ten minutes. After that, the filling should cool down and get a little thick.

The final stage of

pita bread with chicken Spread your pita on the table. Cut it with scissors into two equal parts. Remember that the thickened edges should be cut off. Ideally, two ribbons are produced( long).On the edge of each tape is laid out on one tablespoon of filling. Now try to wrap it tightly in a roll( you need to make two turns).Cut it from the main ribbon. Tuck the edges into the inside of the roll. Cakes still very much, and fillings, too. Each person will get a roll of pita bread with chicken. But that is not all. When the pita and the filling are over, we place the rolls on a baking sheet, richly oiled. They must fit tightly together. From above rolls also need to be poured with melted butter. Heat the oven to the highest temperature, put the baking tray for ten minutes. As a result, rolls slightly blush, but retain their softness. Serve them to the table hot!

A variety of recipes

A lavash roll with chicken is, of course, delicious. But do not be limited to one recipe. Experiment! Try to replace the chicken with vegetables, exotic meat, fish, cheese. Prepare and please your loved ones with culinary delights!

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