"Nest of wood grouse" - salad with many recipes

Salads - the dishes are very comfortable. Usually the ingredients in them are well integrated with each other, and they can be made from almost everything that lies in the refrigerator. Cheeses, meat, vegetables, fish or berries, even sour-milk products with skillful combination give amazing results in taste. Of course, some salads are prepared more quickly, others have to pause over longer. But it's easier to cope with them anyway than with any other dishes.

"Nest of wood grouse" - salad with potatoes and mushrooms

nest of wood grouses salad There are a lot of ways to prepare this dish. Let's dwell on some. Let's go on the principle of "from the difficult to the simple."So, how to prepare a salad "Nest of wood grouses"?


For "Nests" from potatoes with mushrooms we will need:

  • smoked chicken meat - 200 g;Marinated mushrooms

  • - 1 can;

  • fried potato chips - 200 g;

  • onion - 3 pcs.the average sizes;

  • cucumbers salted or pickled, which are - 2 large;

  • cheese - 150-170 g;

  • eggs of chicken - 2 pieces;

  • garlic - 1 clove;

  • vegetable oil - several tablespoons;Salad leaves

  • - 2-3 large;

  • a bunch of parsley, dill;

  • mayonnaise is your favorite.

recipe glukharnoe nest Preparation

Prepared "Nest of wood grouse" - our salad - thus: the meat is cut finely with straws or cubes. Onions are shredded and fried. Garlic is passed through the press. Mushrooms are poured from the jar into the colander to make them glass. The greens are finely chopped. Eggs boiled hard. Yolks are separated, kneaded and mixed with greens in a homogeneous mass. Proteins rub against the coarse grater. Cheese is also rubbed: part - on a large, part - on a fine grater."Nest of wood grouses" - a salad, associated with birds. So we will form 3 balls-eggs, mixing yolk mass with garlic, grated finely cheese, a small amount of mayonnaise. Salad leaves are put on the dish. Then a layer of meat, which is greased with mayonnaise. Mushrooms mixed with onions, put on meat, again a layer of mayonnaise. Then egg whites and a mesh of mayonnaise. Cheese, grated coarsely, is mixed with sliced ​​cucumber and laid out on squirrels. And again a layer of mayonnaise. The most recent is laid potatoes and also slightly promazyvaetsya. Since "Nest of wood grouse" - a salad with marinades and smoked products, salt may not be needed. But the pepper for the sharpness of taste, probably, does not hurt. However, this is at your discretion. But back to the recipe. All components should be laid out on the diameter of the dish slide. Only let the potato play the role of the rim of the "nest".From the inside, decorate it with parsley and dill, and put testicles on top. That's great, did not it? One more clarification: mushrooms can be fried with onions. And you can put and fresh, pre-staining them with garlic and sour cream. It will be so delicious that without the additive will not do!

" Nest" with carrots

And here is such a simple but interesting recipe "Glukharine nest".For it it is necessary to take 2-3 medium carrots, 3-4 potatoes, 3-4 eggs, greens, mayonnaise, bulb. Potatoes and carrots shred on grater( as for Korean carrots).First the potatoes are fried until golden. Then onions with carrots are salted and peppered. Everything is stacked so that excess vegetable oil is glass. Then the dish is decorated with lettuce leaves. They are laid out in the form of a nest, potatoes and carrots, greased with mayonnaise. Here's how to prepare a salad "Nest of wood grouses" from the minimum of products. There are eggs. They can be stuffed. Variants:

- mix the yolk with fried onions and this mass to stuff halves;

- grind the yolk with salt and butter;

- finely chop walnuts, grind with butter and yolk.

how to cook a salad nest rosewood And if you add crumpled sprats - it will not be eggs, but a cooking bomb. In the eggs we put stuffing. We connect the halves together and lay them inside the nest. That's such a delicious "nest" we got!

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