Zucchini for the winter: recipes for every taste

There are many ways to prepare zucchini for the winter. Recipes provide for canning them sliced ​​or as part of salads. Also this vegetable is especially popular as a summer snack. We suggest you cook dishes from courgettes: the first is a winter preparation, the second is a summer stew that can be preserved, the third is a Korean salad.

zucchini for winter recipes

Preserved zucchini

Preparation of them is in many respects similar to canning of cucumbers. In the same way you can prepare zucchini for the winter. Recipes are similar. Wash the young zucchini slices with mugs and lay them in clean jars containing garlic, greens( horseradish and black currant leaves, parsley) on the bottom and fresh cut bitter pepper. On top of the layers, pour a few peas of black pepper and put the sprigs of green dill with the seeds. The prepared cans are poured with boiling water, covered with lids and wrapped for one hour. Drain the water, prepare the marinade, observing the proportions. For a 1.5-liter jar, you need 50 grams

of salt and sugar, which are covered in water drained from jars and put on fire. Before pouring boiling brine into each container you need to pour a half teaspoon of vinegar essence. Hot banks roll up with covers, turn over and wrap up until it cools down.

Saute is a recipe from zucchini and tomatoes

saute recipe from courgettes

This is a fairly simple recipe, but the dish turns out to be universal. In the form of a vegetable stew prepared and zucchini for the winter. Recipes of similar salads differ from each other using seasonings and spices. To prepare a squash, it is better to take young fruits( 1 kg).Three or four heads of onions are cut large and lightly fried in vegetable oil( 3-4 tablespoons).In the pan, zucchini is added, cut into half-rings. The mass is cooked to half-cooked on low heat for about 20 minutes. Then, to give the sour taste, the mixture is seasoned with sliced ​​tomatoes( 0.5 kg).Add spices( cumin, black pepper), chopped greens of celery and parsley, salt to taste. After another ten minutes of stewing the dish is ready. For winter blanks, the saute is laid out on clean cans and sterilized.

recipe zucchini with garlic

Korean recipe - squash with garlic

A delicate sweetish vegetable has a slightly different taste in a snack in Korean. Of course, it is quite unusual that zucchini is the main ingredient in a spicy salad. But still try it - and you will not be disappointed! So, we need zucchini. Take the young fruit( 1 kg) yellow or green with a thin skin. Rub them on a special grater and pour boiling water for ten minutes. Throw it in a colander, and after running down, place it on the table to dry it a little. After hot processing, the squash mass will decrease somewhat in volume and will not be as watery as raw. Three cloves of garlic and one onion cut and fry lightly in vegetable oil( 3 tablespoons), then add them to a bowl with zucchini. There also put grated carrots and a pack of special seasoning for Korean salads. If you do not have it, do it yourself: mix two teaspoons of ground coriander, half a teaspoon of paprika, salt, ground black and sweet-scented pepper, one teaspoon of sugar. Of course, if you use a home-made seasoning, the taste of the dish will be more intense and sharp. Then all the ingredients are poured over the hot oil from the pan and two tablespoons of vinegar. Fast mixing, a little tamped, cover with a lid and put in the refrigerator for 10-12 hours. It's a pity that you can not prepare such zucchini for the winter. Recipes of all Korean salads do not provide for long storage and conservation. So enjoy fresh dishes in the summer season!

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