What stretch ceiling is better - matte or glossy? Reviews

Assortment of stretch ceilings today is quite wide. In this regard, many consumers have serious difficulties in choosing. One of the first questions that buyers ask experts is: "What stretch ceiling is better - matte or glossy?"Let's try to figure this out. what stretch ceiling is better matte or glossy

General information

Suspended ceilings( matt or glossy) appeared on the market relatively recently. However, they have already become very popular. In this regard, manufacturers began to expand the range of such products. On the one hand, it's good. And on the other - very difficult choice. The first thing that confuses an uninformed consumer is the technical characteristics of the material. There is an opinion that glossy, satin and matte ceilings differ from each other with performance properties. As experts say, this is completely wrong. The fact is that the canvas from which the suspended ceiling is made( glossy or matte - it is not important), are manufactured by the same technology. At each stage of production, the material passes qualit

y control. From this it follows that the role of the invoice is purely decorative. Regardless of whether you get a matte or glossy ceiling, it will perform its functions. In any case, the material will be durable, reliable, waterproof, durable and, importantly, absolutely smooth.

Main characteristics of

To find out which stretch ceiling is better - matt or glossy, you should familiarize yourself with some of their properties. First of all, it should be noted that regardless of the type of coating, the surface will have the following advantages:

  • Smoothness and smoothness of .Stretch ceiling can decorate almost any room.
  • Materials are not afraid of moisture, does not accumulate condensate on their surface. Due to this, stretch ceilings are often installed in bathrooms, bathrooms, corridors.
  • The height of the can be chosen at your own discretion.
  • Relatively fast installation without dirt and dust.
  • Affordable price. The price of the suspended ceiling is slightly higher than that of gypsum plasterboard, but not much. glossy or matte ceiling is better

However, there are coverings and minuses. For example:

  • In any case, the frame will "take away" a few centimeters of the height of the walls. This will reduce the total volume of the room. Experts do not recommend assembling structures in rooms with low ceilings.
  • Cloths are subject to mechanical damage. For example, the material can be easily pierced with something sharp. In this case, it is not possible to correct the state of things in most cases.

Glossy ceiling

If you need to visually increase the space, what to buy: glossy or matte ceiling? Customer feedback in this case is in favor of the former. According to consumers, such surfaces immediately attract attention. In addition, such paintings make the room more luxurious. If there is a question about what stretch ceiling is better, matt or glossy, for a small room, then the answer is one: the last option should be given preference. In addition, experts recommend choosing a white color. It is this surface of the ceiling with the correct selection of lighting that will visually increase the room by at least two times. If you figure out which ceiling is better - matte or glossy - to perform different shapes, then choose the second option. In this case, you can advantageously emphasize the shades, playing with the shadow and light. what ceiling is better to make in the hall glossy or matte

Advantages of white color

Light coating will fill the room with air, will give it lightness. An important advantage is the lower price of monophonic canvas in comparison with other. In addition, white color will be appropriate in almost any decor. Such coverage will give a festive and rigorous time. Therefore, when deciding, for example, which ceiling is better to make in the hall - glossy or matte, you should choose the first option.

Disadvantages of reflective coating

Speaking of which stretch ceiling is better - matte or glossy - in terms of the effect of "seamlessness", it should be said that the first option is preferable. On the reflective cloths the joints are more visible. Completely not suitable for such materials for finishing the ceiling in the bedroom. In this room, any reflective surfaces can create emotional stress. This, in turn, distracts from rest and complete relaxation. glossy or matte ceiling reviews

Features of the matt ceiling

Such paintings add rigor and conservatism to the room. You do not know what to choose - a glossy or matte ceiling? It is better to take a gloss, if the style of the interior is classic. Perfect for such bedroom and bedroom. Among the features of such a surface, consumers note the ability of the material to muffle the glare. As a result, the light is reflected without distortion. Buyers pay attention to a greater variety of shades. If there is a choice what to use in finishing the cabinet, kitchen or living room - glossy or matte ceiling, it is better to mount the second one. Effectively look yellow and orange surfaces. As the designers say, these colors contribute to stimulating mental activity. In addition, with them the situation becomes more solemn. Matte can have a rough surface. Many people like this. A rough surface creates an imitation of a conventional ceiling. At the same time, the room retains a comfortable, warm atmosphere. Suspended ceilings are matte or glossy

Main characteristics of

If we talk about which stretch ceiling is better - matt or glossy, from the point of view of density, then the former have a higher coefficient. In addition, unlike the reflective surface, the material quite clearly conveys colors with a variety of gamma. When installing a frosted ceiling, the style of the room is perceived more clearly. Exclusive interior items look more spectacular. Perfect fit for decorating the frosted ceiling moldings. As for practicality, over time, there are no stains and prints on the surface. In the process of exploitation, the color of the frosted ceiling will not fade. combination of glossy and matte ceiling

Combined version of

The combination of glossy and matte ceiling allows creating surprising in its originality effects. They can be used successfully in any rooms. When choosing decorative elements, first of all, the overall style of the interior is taken into account. Experts recommend to present the room after repair. Here you need to try to understand what is more pleasing to the eye, which combination will seem more harmonious. Also important is the purpose of the room. This or that texture will create a certain effect. It can be used, as mentioned above, to visually increase space, improve lighting, create different accents. suspended ceiling glossy or matt

In conclusion

It is up to each owner to choose which coating to choose, according to their preferences and taste. Above are information about the main advantages, disadvantages and general characteristics of matte and glossy ceilings. The decision will remain only for the owners of the house. If there are any doubts, then it's best to consult with professional designers. In this case, you can see the catalogs with the already finished rooms, assess how this or that surface looks in combination with the decor. Specialists will also help to draw up a ceiling design. Very much depends on the design of the coating. Professionals will prompt you how to choose a color scheme. The most important thing is that the material harmoniously blends into the interior and effectively adds to it. Installation of the ceiling is also better to entrust to the masters of their business. As a rule, project development and installation do not take much time. With the help of professionals, you can bring to life the most daring decisions. A competently designed and assembled ceiling will please the owners of the house for many years.

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